Say you have two Honda's you're interested in... (Honda 919)

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by Lo-Lo-Beans, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hello all! I've stalked this forum for a while and like it. Thought I'd join and bug you all with a question.

    I've been riding a VFR800 and I'm finally in a position to get my own bike. I want something a little more upright that I can ride leisurely, maybe have fun on a track if I happen to get on one. Once or twice a year I'll take it on a long road trip. Maybe more often if I can get the time off. The Honda 919 does make my heart go skippity-skippity.

    The two I'm considering read like this:

    '07 919 11K miles $4500
    new Michilin Pilot tires, Sato Racing Exhaust cans, Sargent Seat, vortex foot pegs, service work is current.

    '04 919 25K miles $3000

    Minor scuffs on both sides of engine case from 2 drops. 2 year old sprocket and chain, fork seals just replaced. Tires have 3K miles left in them. Hagon rear shock, RaceTech linear fork springs, renthals, adjustable brake and clutch levers, centerstand.

    I haven't seen either of them yet. If I go with the '04, I could get a new summer jacket, maybe a new seat. The '07 will leave me with enough money for gas. Through research, I've heard the '07 was the best year for them. Not sure how much better the '07 would be than the '04. I've heard that maybe they changed the fuel injection a little and that maybe the suspension is a little better on the '07.
    Honestly I think I'd be happy with either. I'm just wondering if the '07 is worth the extra $1500 if both have been well maintained (and I've come across some people online who vouch for the '04's owner saying they're very good at maintaining their stuff).

    Is the '07 worth the extra money?
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    If it were my choice Id look at it like this, how much money would it take to the the 04 up to the condition of the 07, not considering milage. Milage and year mean almost nothing to me but if at the end of fixing the 04 you would have close to the same money in it as you would the 07. Why not buy the newer lower milage bike. just my 2 cents
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