ScalaRider G9 and Zumo 665 Pairing Issue

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by ATCguy, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Ok folks.. maybe someone can help me out before I have to get on the phone to Garmin & Cardo tech support, and listen to both of them blame the issue on the other device. (been there, done that before with other things)

    I've got a Garmin Zumo 665 that I've been using on my bikes for quite a while. In the past, I've only had my various iPhones paired with it via Bluetooth.

    Last week I bought a pair of ScalaRider G9 headsets for a helmet that I only use when riding my R1200GS. They arrived yesterday, and I paired them up as per the instructions... and the process went pretty easily. I turned on the Zumo's media player, and heard great stereo in the headset and thought all was good.

    However, when I went out this morning to ride to work... all of the sudden, the Zumo wouldn't pair with the Scala headset. I went thru the Zumo menu to remove the Scala from the system... and then went back to pair it back up again. At first I heard the "GPS CONNECTED" prompt in my headset... and then I saw a visual message on the Zumo starting that "...the Bluetooth connection has failed."

    And then... I heard the Zumo media player in the headset... BUT... the sound was like that of music from an old AM radio. The sound was very muted & flat, and there was no stereo quality at all.

    Not having time to continue playing with it... I rode to work. When I got home, I began trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Without wasting a lot more time, I have gone through the process of removing & re-pairing the Scala headset with the Zumo a number of times... and the result keeps coming out the same:

    Each time I pair the Scala & the Zumo together, everything works as advertised. However, when I turn both units off... wait a couple of minutes... and then turn them back on again... I get the same thing I got this morning. The Scala headset voice initially tells me the GPS is paired... then I get the visual message on the Zumo that the bluetooth device has been disconnected... and then I still receive audio from the Zumo in the headset, but it's only AM sound quality.

    So bottom line, even though the Zumo is telling me that the unit isn't paired with the headset... it is, but only half-way. I hear GPS audio in the headset, but it isn't a full, clean connection. It sounds like an old 1970's AM transitor radio from Radio Shack.

    Can anyone think of anything I'm doing wrong... or maybe something in the setting that isn't quite right?

    Thanks in advance...
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    I have discovered a bug with the G9 which has been confirmed by Cardo Systems support. I suggest you contact them as they need to fix these issues quickly with a software update:
    I have a Scala G9 and have had a few issues. The following scenerio has been explained to Cardo Systems support team who have re-produced the problem confirming that this is an issue. They are looking into it to see how to resolve the issue but I think this should be highlighed or tested in your current review of the G9.
    I have a Nokia E71 phone paired to a Garmin Zumo 550. The Scala G9 is paired to the Garmin Zumo 550.
    Here is the scenerio that Im having:
    I have the phone switched on.
    I then switch on the G9.
    I start my bike which switches on the zumo as its powered from bike ignition.
    On the zumo screen I get message confirming that the phone has connected via bluetooth. Shortly afterwards I get message on zumo screen confirming headset bluetooth connection. I also get GPS connected voice prompt in the G9 headset.
    I usually use the voice prompt within G9 to turn on the FM Radio.
    I can then access menus on the zumo and I hear the beeps from the touch screen in the headset which interrupts the radio station.
    I access the phonebook and select a number to dial. After pressing dial there is a short pause and nothing happens then the G9 returns to radio. The phone call has not been dialed!
    Now whilst riding if I turn off the zumo and then turn it back on again. I get the same bluetooth connection messages on the screen but I dont get the voice GPS connected as Im listening to the radio. Now if I repeat the process to dial a number it all works correctly.
    This sequence of events is repeatable everytime I first get on the bike the G9 doesn’t allow dialing until I do the zumo switch off/on.
    Also in this same scenerio after first setting off if someone rings me I dont receive the call but if I have done the zumo switch off/on then I will receive the call.
    After I have done the zumo switch off/on al continues to work correcly until one of the device is switched off.
    Here is the email i received from Cardo systems support confirming the issue:

    “Hi Ian,
    Thanks for following-up with feedback. At this point we cannot determine what is the cause of the connection issue. We recommend contacting Garmin to determine if they are aware of the problem with other Bluetooth headsets.
    During testing I was able to re-create the issue as described but we do not have a solution at this time. The Research and Development Team will receive a full report on the issue and I will contact you once I receive a response.
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    ATC guy I have just had another read of your problems.

    How are you pairing the zumo to the headset? Are you pairing it as a GPS? This only uses a headset (mono) bluetooth profile which may explain your poor quality audio. Maybe you need to pair your zumo 665 (which I think supports stereo bluetooth AD2P profile) to the G9 as a phone as this uses stereo AD2P profile? Maybe worth a try anyway?

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    The G4 is known, by Cardo, to have an incompatibility with the 665. It will not allow intercom and GPS BT connection at the same time.....and work. G9 isn't likely to be too different from G4. You can talk to your pillion or listen to music, gps and phone just not both.

    When solo mine often gave the BT connection lost and other odd dropped connections. Even made the connection later on at random. I reset everything a number of times but still it would just not work when solo about 50% of the time.
    I finally learned how to do the pairing by feel on the fly and, from time to time, it would work eventually.

    Worked with Cardo for over a year before they told me on the phone about the incompatibility issue. Now they say they won't do anything since the warranty is closer to dying than being born. dick.