Scandinavia Summer/Fall 2018 Seeking experienced riders to join

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    Dec 3, 2008
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    Here I go again!

    Seeking experienced riding partners for next summer. Yes yes its way ahead but it did take a while to figure out the bike shipping for my South America ride and getting a month off means plenty of advance notice to the boss. I've got a draft of the route (it takes time to figure out route, distances and hopefully invites from fellow ADV riders for homestays along the way).

    So keep an eye on my thread and I'll post each country's route and highlights so you can do your own research. Join me for any part of it or all of it. Consider it a hop on hop off if you like.

    About me:

    Plenty of RR here on ADV if you want to get to know me but here are the basics of a ride with SpecialAgentNancy.

    Toured Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, Turkey (3 times), Alaska/Yukon, Iceland. Stopped counting countries toured after I reached 30. Experienced, efficient and self reliant.

    -Camping. I prefer camping due to its simplicity, guarantee of comfort and cost, plus its always smart to carry your lodging with you in the event of a breakdown or emergency. I like to alternate with hotels for a hot shower and laundry.

    -Food. I've been called the "hobbit" and not for my hairy feet. I'll make strong french press coffee each morning to share and then first order of business will be eating a warm meal, often.

    -Safety. I'm way past proving I can ride this or that narly road. I'll prefer pavement over dirt and ride the speed limit. We'll wear Sena to communicate, each have GPS and I also carry maps. Delorme/Spot and medivac important.

    -Riding. Looking for at least 2 other riders to share most if not all of the ride but if you are a local and want to ride a section of it (show us your backyard so to speak) great and I appreciate invites for backyard camping or homestays.

    Some other facts:

    I'll probably ship my bike from Oakland CA by container or air. Triumph Tiger 800 XC. I do my own service right down to valve clearances and pack all necessary tools and know how to change a tire (read my Alaska RR) and other maintenance. My life depends on my bike, I respect it accordingly.

    I spend the month before training physically for the ride. Expect 300-500KM days with shorter ones from time to time. I'll be cool with making changes or splitting for a day or two as long as they make sense and keep us on track.

    Route Denmark>Sweden>Lithuania>Latvia>Estonia>Finland>Sweden>Norway>Denmark.
    1 month.
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    SpecialAgentNancy & your little dog 2!

    Dec 3, 2008
    San Francisco
    Day 1 Hamburg - Pick up bikes

    Day 2 Denmark (Southern/Northern Jutland) 380 KM

    Border> Ribe (50km)

    • Oldest medieval and preserved town
    Ribe > Esbjerg (36km)

    • 4 man meet the sea statues
    Esbjerg> Billund (50km)

    • Lego city
    Billund> Jelling (UNESCO) (25km)

    • Ancient burial mounds
    • Runic stone (old replica of Christ in Denmark)
    Jelling> Vejle Fjord (12km)

    • Carved Viking totems. Viking boat in water.
    Day 3 (Funen & South Zealand) 350 KM

    Vejle > Assens (50km)

    • Pass through cute town
    Assens > Faaborg (35km)

    • Another cute cobblestone town
    Faaborg > Egeskov Slot (20km)

    • Castle
    Egeskov Slot > Nyborg (30km)

    • Tuesday's 7 pm, marching regiment
    Nyborg > Neastved/Gavno (80km)

    • Monastery (don't fall in love with a nun)
    Gavno > Kong Asgers Hoj (60km)

    • Burial tombs
    Kong > Elmelunde/Keldby (15km)

    • Cliffs & oldest stone church in Denmark (14th C frescos)
    Keldby > Mons Klint (15km)

    • 70Mil old white chalk cliffs
    Mons > Liselund Slot (5km)

    • Thatched roof fairy palace
    Liselund > Stevns Klint (SKIP? 90km)

    • Limestone Cliffs & 14th century gothic castle
    Stevns Klint> Roskilde (50km)

    • Viking ships (Vikingeskibsmuseet)

    Day 4 Copenhagen. hop on hop off bus & Tivoli afternoon/evening

    Day 5 (Northwestern Zealand) 80 KM

    Copenhagen > Hillerod (40km)

    • Fredensborg slot (royalty residence)
    • Falconry
    Hillerod > Esrum So and Arreso (20km)

    • Lakes
    Esrum So > Helsingor (20km)

    • Kronborg slot (Shakespeare/Hamlet)


    Day 6 (Southern Sweden) 430KM

    Helsingør (Denmark) ferry to Helsingborg (Sweden)

    4 per hour, 20 mins.

    Helsingborg > Lund (55km)

    • Spiral beech trees - Trollskogen Forest
    Lund > Torna Hallestad (20km)

    • Open air museum of old wood buildings
    Torna Hallestad > Trelleborg (50km)

    • Viking fortress
    Trelleborg>Ales Stonar(70km)

    • Stones in earth in shape of boat
    Alex Stonar > Osterlen (Tomelilla) (25km)

    • Picturesque road through towns
      • Tomelilla>Glimminggehus>Simrisharhn>Kivik>Brosarps Backar
    Brosarps Backar > Karlskrona (UNESCO) (150km) SKIP?

    • Port city
    BACK to Karlshamn (60km)

    • 13 hour ferry to Klaipeda Lithuania


    Day 7 Ferry transit, attempt overnight ferry /pick up extra day

    Day 8 (Western Lithuania) 330KM

    Curonian Spit National Park>Nida (50km)

    • Dunes, Hill of Witches (Juodkrante)
    Juodkrante>Plateliai (120km)

    • Zemaitija National Park
      • Mikytai Hill (pagan stone of scrafices)
      • Berzoras (church of st stanislav in berzoras)
      • Plokstine (former soviet missile base)
      • Zemaiciu Kalvarija (July church festival)
    Zemaiciu>Siauliai (90km)

    • Hill of crosses
    Siauliai>(hwy 146) Tytuvenai>Siluva>Raseiniai (70km)

    • Friary courtyard frescos (Tytuvenai)
    • Virgin Mary appeared 400 years ago (Siluva)
    • WWII battle destroyed everything but church (Raseiniai)

    Day 9 (Southern Lithuania) 550KM

    Raseiniai>Druskininkai (Gruto Parkas) 9 am - 8 pm (200km)

    • 90 statues and decapitated soviet figures
    • Nobel Peace prize for collecting them
    Gruto Parkas > Trakai (100km)

    • Famous castle with moat
    Tralai > Latvia border (250km)

    Day 10 (Western Latvia) 100KM

    Grenctale/Border Lithuania > Riga (90km)

    • Art Nouveau city UNESCO
    • Latvian song and dance festival only every 5 years
    • House of Blackheads
    • Cat's house
    Riga>Latvijas Ethnographic Open Air Museum (30km/2 hours to visit)

    Alternative - Day ride to Livonian coast (40km)

    Day 11 (Eastern/Central Latvia) 200KM

    Riga>Guaja National Park (90km)

    • Ride through it between A2 and A3 (aim for Cesis)
    Cesis>Eastern Estonia border Valga (100km)

    Day 12 (Eastern Estonia) 200KM

    Valga>Sangaste Manor via Tartu (30km)

    • English Gothic Manor
    Sangaste Manor > Taevaskoja (60km)

    • Stanstone cliffs along gorgeous river
    • Kiidjarve Watermill via Tartu
    Polva> Tartu (45km)

    • University founded in 1632
    • Toomemagi street by street
    Tartu> Kallaste (Lake Peipsi) (50km)

    • Plenty of stay options
    • Kolkja
      • Good restaurant
    • Kasepaa
      • 7km of villages to Varnja end of road

    Day 13 (Western Estonia) 200KM

    Mustvee>Tallinn (200km)

    Day 14 Ferry to Finland

    Tallin (6 ferries per day, 2 hour crossing, approx 70Euro)
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    Apr 7, 2016
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    Sounds like a really cool trip.
    Do you have an estimated time for the run? I might be able to join one leg (either Denmark to Latvia or the other way around) if timing fits.
    BTW I also service my own bikes and holding an MBA. ;-)
  4. holckster

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    Jun 29, 2006
    Lodi, Ca
    Crossed paths a couple times with specialagentnancy in Alaska in 2013.

    Rode with her in South America in 2015 and Iceland in 2016.

    Seriously considering this ride.

    She is great planner, good rider and nice person.
    Join her and try to keep up without having do all that planning that she's already done.
  5. SpecialAgentNancy

    SpecialAgentNancy & your little dog 2!

    Dec 3, 2008
    San Francisco
    Day 15 Helsinki

    • Train station

    Day 16 (Southern Finland) 425 KM

    Helsinki>Hämeenlinna (100km)
    • Hame Castle
    • Parola Tank Museum

    Hämeenlinna> IITTALA GLASS (25km)

    Iittala>Imatra (300km)
    • Dam 6pm Sluice opens

    Day 17 (Northern Finland) 760 KM

    Imatra>Olofsborg (130km)
    • Castle.Opera
    Olofsborg>Ranua (600km)
    • Lapland Santa Claus
    Ranua>Ruonakoski (30km)
    • Valley of Santa Claus

    Day 18 (N. Finland>N. Sweden) 400 KM

    Ruonakoski>Kiruna (400km) Into Sweden
    • Kungsleden trail park
    • Ride to Sarek National Park to view Rapa Valley

    Day 19 (N Sweden>N. Norway) 790 KM

    Kiruna>Andenes (440km)
    • Gorgeous suspension bridge
    • Launching pad for scientific balloons and rockets
    Andenes>Svolvaer (210km)
    • Kabelvag (church)
    Svolvaer>Nusfjord (90km)
    • More cute fishing towns
    Nusfjord>Sorvagen (50km)
    • Ferry to Bodo

    Day 20 (Northern Norway) 850 KM

    FERRY Moskenes>Bodo (3-4 hours)
    • Fishing village
    Bodo>Mo I Rana (230km)
    • Gronligrotten cave with underground river
    Mo I Rana>Røros (620km)
    • 17th century copper mining town UNESCO
  6. SpecialAgentNancy

    SpecialAgentNancy & your little dog 2!

    Dec 3, 2008
    San Francisco
    :ricky Glad you think so...they are always epic.

    Probably 4 weeks total. Almost done with the trip plan. Just posting the next 10 days today. I'll know by March/April what the exact dates are going to look like. I'll put in extra days for bad weather and breakdowns/illness.

    Better that way. Plus it's fun. Valve clearances are no longer rocket science to me. Truth is I am a gearhead, love understanding how things work.
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    SpecialAgentNancy & your little dog 2!

    Dec 3, 2008
    San Francisco
    Hey Doug! You are so much fun to ride with I might actually buy your flight this time.
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