Scooter Exhaust Leak Help

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by DudeClone, May 6, 2011.

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    Hey guys

    My scoot is running fine, running great. Idle is good, performance good. Never stalls, dies, or quits. So this "sound" it's making, which is sort of a "gurgle thump thump," I figure is an exhaust leak, and a neighbor friend says the same.

    Kymco Agility 125, much like any other gy6 125 with all the CARB stuff on it. My question is where should I check FIRST, and what is the most likely culprit? I have deduced the sound is not coming from the engine itself, but in and around the exhaust area, right side of the bike. No smoking or burning of oil, or performance issues whatsoever. So, I am going to take out my pet carrier and see whats up.

    However while I know to check the header pipe at the manifold (forgive me if i get things wrong i am a newb) for a blown gasket, what if that is ok? Then where do I check, or what should I check FIRST instead?

    Advice from anyone is fine. Doesn't have to be a Kymco or Agility owner as I figure this is fairly straightforward stuff. Also I assume before I loosen the header bolts or w/e to loosen the muffler mount bolts first, correct? That way the pipe will drop down easier. And maybe use a prop up thing for the muffler so it doesn't fall?

    What else, guys? And thanks! :clap
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    Guy I know has one that the exhaust has gotten louder but his only does it while accelerating. It doesn't do it at idle. He has not found the cause yet.