Scooter Rescue

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by Knighthawk, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Knighthawk

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    I rescued a 1973 Puch Maxi today from the trash heap. Brought it home, cleaned the carb, new plug, fresh fuel, and it fired right up on the first kick. :thumb

    There are a couple of broken pieces like the switch gear housing and the tail light assembly, everything works, shouldn't be hard to replace here in Germany.

    It used to be a sky blue color, but the previous owner decided it need to be black...from spray cans.

    Overall, it's in pretty good shape, and I couldn't find any rust in the obvious spots. I will look at it more closely this weekend when I have some light outside, and will take a couple of pics and post 'em up.
  2. Photog

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    Oct 13, 2003
    Cool little moped. :thumb Amazing how they can sit and then be cranked up and ridden. Damn, if only my higher-priced vehicles were that abuser-friendly. :lol3

    There's a crazy bunch with the appropriately warped sense of humor that formed Moped Army a while back.

    Then there was Moped Hospital Racing, which then branched out into scooters. But Moped Army stayed true to the moped. (insert trumpet fanfare here) - great resource

    I've never owned a moped but sounds like they could be a helluva lot of fun for under-the-radar transportation.