Scooter safety and ATGATT guilt

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by emt8q5, May 31, 2011.

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    Oh it wasn't the sewerage truck guy that lost his leg ... it was the guy on a bike that went arse-up in the spill. I would agree that such occurrences may be low chance ... unless you live in an area where crap spilled from livestock carriers is common, as well as nice fresh and steaming cowpats in corners:puke1.

    I agree that it is totally the decision of the OP ... mind you, being a girl who likes to perve on buff guys I don't find the presence of fresh roadrash or skin graft scars particular attractive. But that's just me ... some girls might like the notion of picking at someone's scabs :1drink
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    Wearing gear is all about reducing risk over time. If you wear gear sometimes you are reducing your risk. If you wear gear once you have reduced your risk. Some people are fine with high risk and some people would rather reduce it. For the OP if its only 2 miles than just jog to the pool should only take you 20 min; the time it would have taken you to gear up, get on the bike, wait for traffic, and find a place to park. Problem solved! Your welcome.