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    Guys - I would like to thank you for all replies. I back from Scotland last Thursday.
    Unfortunately it was not enough time to visit Hebrides. If I didn't need to go to Aberdeen then it would be ok.

    Short map from my trip:

    The best road was that tight and snake road from Applecross going towards Isle of Skye. Also following road from Skye to Oban was superb.

    I highly recommend place called "KINLOCHEWE CARAVAN CLUB SITE - IV22 2PA" to stay for a night. All facilities so clean so something you can see the same in hotel room.

    And I never recommend campsite in BALLOCH near Glasgow. There is a campsite off the Stirling Road. DONT GO there. Unfriendly and not very clean. There is a big sign saying NO NOISE after 10pm. I was sitting with my friend by the tent around 11pm and the owner of the site came to us and said that we are too laugh. First I thought this is a joke but this guy wanted to kick us out. We were just talking even without a laught. And the house of the owner is located on the other side of the campsite behind mobilehomes (and the place is quite big). Next day I asked people who were tenting about 20m-100m away from us and everyone confirmed that they didn't hear any noise. SO AVOID.
    Also there is place in Balloch which is cleary signed as a campsite but when you get there the lady in reception tells you that in this year they don't accept tents.. Place name: Lomond Woods Holiday Park.

    Finally some photos:
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    Thanks for the feedback. I just realized it would be a good idea to have a short trip these days, and Scotland is on the list of possible destinations.
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    Oi! part of the deal in coming here and asking for help should be posting a ride report, with pictures, in the appropriate section so get to it soldier!! :evil
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    Dunnett Head- furthest point North on the UK mainland. Not far from John O-groats. Was up that way, staying at a house near Kyle Of Tongue a couple years back. Tongue Hotel is pretty decent for food & drink.

    Actually, I had a fricking fantastic cheeseburger in Thurso- at a little sort of fancy schmancy restaurant called Le Bistro. Fresh local beef, local cheddar cheese- man it was GOOD! Also their smoked haddocK chowder was really great.

    If you get down that way, La Mirage in Helmsdale has really great fish & chips. Tiny little out of the way place but they have great F&C.

    If you like Indian food, the Rajah in Inverness ROCKS.