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    My wife and I are currently half way down vietnam on our beautiful new (old) $500 gn125. We are planning to head into Laos in 2 days, then down through Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and fly out of singapore. I got a vietnam liscense in Hanoi, international drivers liscense, bill of sale, and blue card in someone else's name. Plan A is to ditch the bike in Malaysia and walk across into Singapore.
    Does anyone have experience bringing a foreign bike into Malaysia? Do they require carnet? Will they record the bike and fine us if we leave without it? Maybe we could donate it somewhere and get a receipt or just give it to a farmer
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    My info is not very recent, but I did take my (EU-registered) motorcycle from Thailand to Malaysia using the land border on the main road (Bukit Kayu Hitam) in January 2008.

    Our bike had carnet de passage, but it seemed to me like they could not care less about the vehicles at the border. We also had another temp import permit that we´d used in Thailand, and first I had to take this paper to one booth, where they just took it away, didn´t say a word. Then once we got to Malaysian side, I had to walk up and down many buildings (I don´t speak the local language) and finally found an office, where someone, who was staring at the TV the whole time, stamped my carnet (he did not even bother to walk out to see my bike)!

    I´ve also read, that several other riders have had very similar experiences at that same border crossing not so long ago. But it´s worth noting here, that Malaysia is officially a carnet country, it was listed on our carnet as well, so while it looks like you have a pretty good chance to have no problems at all, it is NOT guaranteed, that your vehicle will get in without carnet. And of course on land borders, if you happen to get turned back, you have the chance to wait for the officials to have a change of shift, and go back the next morning to try your luck again.

    BTW, don´t take your bike to Singapore, unless you enjoy lots of bureaucracy and having a headache, leave the bike at Johor Bahru, and take public transport.

    Hope that´s of any help. Have a great trip, and once your in Malaysia, don´t miss Cameron Highlands...

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    Hope trip going well?

    Just to give you heads up on the SG side of things, yes, they can be difficult bringing any sort of vehicle in that hasn't been previously cleared. As you mentioned just find a good spot to 'park's it for a while;-)

    Keep us updated and see if can meet you somewhere for a short hop out of SG!

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