Searching for 4 Inch driving lights

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by FoxbaT73, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Like the Krista Clearwater Lights too, but they are LED (know you're looking for halogen). Heard from the BMW Shop the Police Department in Phoenix is starting to use them as their takedown Lights.
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    Sep 14, 2012
    I mounted a set of the RIGID Dually D2's on my GSA and spliced in the waterproof PIAA switch. They are awesome! Most of the time I run them with the yellow covers on since it tends to be foggy during my morning commute. With the covers on they don't annoy other drivers either. At night if there are deer out I take the covers off to maximize the output and they are unbelievably bright. You can't even tell whether the stock high beam is on or off. I mounted the switch inside the left hand grip protector so a simple bump with my finger turns them on/off. Makes it really easy to turn off if someone flashes their lights at you.

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    I agree with the above post but I intalled the D1 (first generation) LEDs from Rigid and think they are great. The yellow 'lens' is easily added and I run one on the right and none on the left to provide a different kind of picture for oncoming traffic.

    Lightforce makes some awesome lights, in 4 inch or perhaps 3.5 inch and six or seven inch. They can be rotated to move from flood to spot depending on driving conditions and can be equiped with different color covers for fog/other applications. There are really well made, rugged and very reasonably priced. And they are from Oz.

    I run both Lightforce and Rigid D1s on my R1200GS in addition to an HID low beam and a modulated high beam. I run a yellow lens on the left lightforce and a yellow lens on the right Rigid LED. There is no question that more drivers see me coming and that is part of what the lights are there for.