Seat Base Repair

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    We modified the original seats we had on our F650 and 800GS to make them a little less painful. I had my seat cover off three times before I was semi-satisfied, and finally went for a Sargent which has been on the bike for the last couple of seasons. I had a local upholsterer do the mods.

    My wife's been using her stock lower seat which we added a bit of foam to, but recently decided to get a Seat Concepts cover and foam to replace the originals.

    I thought I'd just get out my old 800 seat and put the SC cover and foam on that and was surprised to find this:


    The stapling on the seat had practically destroyed the seat base! Not much left to work with here.

    So I took the cover off Stephanie's 650 seat and it was showing some cracks as well. Her cover had only been off the stock seat base once. I decided I could fix it well enough if I had some plastic epoxy or similar so I went looking for a solution.

    I sanded the seat base to take the shine off the areas I wanted to glue, and decided to use a product called "Goop" to lay a bead over the weakened areas, as seen below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I let this dry overnight and the seat base looked really solid, so I took it to the upholstery guy to staple the new cover on.

    The finished article:



    The guy who stapled the seat cover on was impressed with how well Goop worked on this repair. It took staples well and where I applied the adhesive, it made no difference to the finished appearance of the seat.
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    Well done.......:clap