Seatac Airport area help ~48 hours

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    Long version: My brother is transferring to a job by the Seatac airport and currently lives in the Columbia Gorge (Think Portland, OR area). He has 48 hours to figure out where he is staying as he starts this Monday the 4th.

    At this point he will be up there Monday thru Friday and I have given him cash as his company screwed up his past few paychecks and they are not helping him relocate. He has a family of 4 kids and his wife to take care of but at this point it will just be my brother heading to Seattle area until they can look for an appropriate place to live up there.

    He will have a car and won't have much with him. Probably his clothes and possibly his computer. Over all though I am just wanting either advice or if someone has a spare bedroom at this point just so he can be up there and know what he will be doing instead of going up mostly blind.

    I appreciate any help anyone can give. If it helps he loves Ducati bikes, but doesn't ride. :-)

    TL;DR: Brother got screwed with his job & paychecks and has to relocate but starts work this Monday the 4th but doesn't know where he is staying at this point. Just needing advice on somewhere reasonably close to the Seattle airport.