Seattle-Deadhorse-Homer-Inside Passage Twenty Eleven

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  1. chrome bandit

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Hey, thanks for dropping a note. Sounds like we were just a few days ahead of you. Great trip. I'm looking back now and realizing we really scored with the weather and timing on the Dalton...we had a couple of big downpours that were short lived, and a lot of sunny skies.

    I'm planning to do the WABDR this summer, and perhaps another big trip next year. Not sure which continent yet.


    Ride safe out there...
  2. RUOK

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Salem OR
    Great report, glad it got bumped, makes me relive my trip all over again. Loved the shots you got of the road to Haines, some beautiful countryside, wished I had took some pics of it but I was still cold and damp from the monsoon the day before and was just making tracks to get to the ferry.
    I thought the 4 day ferry ride was quite enjoyable, nice way to unwind after long days on the bike.
    Thanks for posting, the videos too, were excellent.