Seattle machine shop for KLR head work?

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    Hello all --

    Longtime lurker here, first post. (Is this thread where it should be? Or would the Garage section be better? Still getting the hang of things.)

    Can anyone recommend a machine shop in Seattle for some KLR head work?
    Also, I have a few questions about what a shop will need to do the machining.


    I'm the second owner of a 2nd-gen KLR650. A combination of loose cam caps and low oil ruined the exhaust cam & bearing surfaces. The bike was very low-mileage up to this point, so I'm hoping I can bring it back to life without ordering a new head or taking my chances on a used one.

    The intake cam and surfaces are fine, and I have the caps for the exhaust side. I'll be getting a new exhaust cam. I assume that a good shop can take measurements off the intake side and duplicate it on the exhaust side? Or do they need the specs? Or the new cam to measure from?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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    To find a local shop you may be better off posting in the regional forums.

    Low oil is what caused the cam caps to loosen. There are a couple shops that will resurface the cam journals. One is Engine Dynamics, I can't think of the others off the top of my head, but someone will probably come along soon that does, googling should also bring them up. I've seen them mentioned in regards to ruined KLR journals.

    With that said, it can be fairly cost prohibitive. I recently got some estimates as we purchased a 08 for my dad that had been run low on oil thus ruining the cams and journals. There is also a chance the aluminum shavings can ruin the bearings in the bottom end. Be sure to flush as best as possible with kerosene or diesel to try and clear the shavings. Also remove and clean the oil screen.

    In the end I just ended up buying a new low mileage engine off ebay as it turned out to be only a couple hundered dollars more than journal resurfacing and new cams or another head. Plus I didn't have to worry about the crank bearings and I also have some parts I can sell to recoup some of the extra cost of a full motor.
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    the journal & cap will have to be welded & re-bored. they can figure out the clearance.... if you can find somebody to do the work. there is a company in CA that does it but I can't remember the name right now. the important thing is to figure out why it ran out of oil.... there were a pretty large number of gen II bikes that were oil burners. at the very least I would re-ring it.... better to put in a 685 and be done with it. you will also need to pull the left side cover off the engine to clean the oil pickup screen... it will be full of aluminum, just like the oil filter. check the oil pump too. I have fixed a few of these.... not that uncommon, which is why the price of klr heads is what it is.
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    Can't think of any in Seattle. Depending on the extent of damage the head may be repairable or not. I personally had not heard of Engine Dynamics but I am sure they reputable . If it were me I would get hold of Mike at Eagle Manufacturing and Engineering, send him some pics and he will tell you if he can fix it or not. Nice guy, he is in San Diego and a KLR guru...
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    Call Mike at Engine Dynamics in Petaluma,Ca. If the head cam journals can be repaired Mike is the guy. Tell him I referred you. I have been his customer for 30 years.