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    Oct 30, 2011
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    My wife and I will be spending a week in Sedona over the holidays. We will be on a KLR and a DR so we can travel highways and most reasonable dirt surfaces. Tight nasty single track with loads of rocks are probably not the best choice - wife get's a little "boohooey" when things get that tough and she has to pick up her bike often.

    So, can you all suggest some decent rides or areas we should explore? We did a little exploring around Mormon Lake last May and most of those dirt roads seemed about right, if not on the too easy and kind of boring side, but I wonder if we'll need to be heading towards lower elevations considering this will be in December.

    We did the road up through Crown King last Thanksgiving in our biggass camping wagon (RAM 2500 with a pop-up in the back). We did get quite a few strange looks from the jeep crowd but that area looked like it would be great to hit on the bikes.

    Our MO is usually to just go and see what we find but having a bit of insider info never hurts.
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    Give me a shout when you are firm on your dates. I might be able to guide you on a few rides.