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    Hi does my 990 -07 have SAS and canisters and whatnot?
    One of my reasons to ask is that I have bought it with the help of an inmate and it is in LA and I am in Sweden so i can't run out to the garage and have a look-see.
    If it has should I remove it?
    Can I do it with the original KTM too kit?
    Does it have secondary throttles and, if so, should I remove them?
    Whats the size of the spark plug socket?
    cheerio Andy
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    Jul 20, 2011
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    I bet it would have all the junk on it. You will need something to cover the SAS ports - you can get them on line. The cats are heavy and hot -good reasons to remove and the canister can get saturated and cause stalling, missing .... But one of the first things to change is the gas caps. The "green tab removal" These little features cause the fuel tank to pressurize and blow gas all over. Tool kits are complete enough the spark plug wench/socket/tube thing is thin walled and standard tools won't fit down the hole - off the top of my head (I can go look if you need) I don't remember the size but it's the typical small 4 stroke size. If you come up short on that tool I have demonstrated how to make one that fits and works.