september 2013, Balkan & Eastern Eutope

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  1. liquid_ice

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    Aug 2, 2011
    The Netherlands
    I'm thinking already for a year about a long adventure trip through Balkan / eastern europe.

    The plan is to leave the Netherlands on sunday 1 Sep. 2013 and be back on saturday 28 Sep. the trip takes a month and will be about 6500 KM.

    the idea is to push forward the first 2 days (about 500KM a day), to skip the part untill Munchen and be in front of the Alps. also the last day will be a highway day to cover distance. this enables us to take it easy in between, about 250KM a day and a day of 6 without traveling.
    Think about a walk through the alps, a beach in Croatia or Greece, visit Budapest, Wien or Praha.

    We cross the Neatherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenjia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.
    On our way back, we keep a little bit more east for Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, czech Republic and back over Germany.
    (Depending on the exact situation, it's possible to skip a certain country)

    17 countries, 6500KM (4000 Miles) and 28 day's, THAT is the idea.

    The route will leave the paved roads and that we will discover what the country has to offer. I will be driving on a 800GS.

    I'm looking for 2 up to max 4 adventures riders who would like to go along.
    Many years of experience isn't needen, but the mindset to take on the adventure is required.

    Sleeping in a tent will be the main way.( To keep the expenses low), But when natures at it's worst or we don't trust the environment, we will check for B&B's or Hotels.

    Do you want to explore south east europe with us?
    Do you drive a bike that you dare to take on the adventure?
    Want to help making the exact route?

    Save a few day's and come along.

    - Liquid_ice on F800GS

    First route example:

    If you can't come with us, but you have suitable knowledge / tips, they are more than welcome.
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    Going from Kososvo into Serbia is sometimes a problem. We went through Kosovo, and had to end up in Belgrade. To avoid border problems entering Serbia from Kosovo, we wandered into Montenegro before re-entering Serbia. Serbia to Kosovo is easy. Why not just reverse your route?
  3. liquid_ice

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    Aug 2, 2011
    The Netherlands
    I'm just back from a week France, Switserland, Germany (Ardenne - Vosges - Zurich - Swartswald - Eifel) with the bike, tent and almost no highway.

    The idea was to travel 275km a day and do some sightseeing on those days.
    We didn't make the planned the 275 kilometers a day, so we had to skip some sightseeing and even our off-fay.

    I want to use this as a lesson for the trip next year to adjust the average kilometrage a bit down, I think to 200 or 225KM a day.

    About Kosovo and Serbia:
    [source: dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
    (freely translated by my self)
    The safety situation is generally quiet. There is still a large international peace force active.

    Because a border issue, there are blockades and issues near the bordercrossing between north-Kosovo and Serbia. Violence is used here.

    Serbia sees Kosovo still as a province and doesn't recognise the independence of the country. You can only enter Serbia from Kosovo, If you want to enter Kosovo from Serbia, you need some kind of enteringsstamp in the pasport.

    I need to check my route near these countries.
  4. vaio

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Hi, I saw you plan for trip. Why your trip in Bulgaria is so short? There is many interesting place to visit and the trough Greece is the same. If you need some help with route or support, or just want to ride together a little bit when you are In Bulgaria send me PM or here.
  5. Slim-Line Tonic

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    Oct 22, 2012
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    I'd be up for that. Would love to join, i will have to sort out some dates but this is a trip i've planned as well for some time.

    I recently did follow some of your itenary (from Budapest to Koln) when i did a London-->Berlin-->Budapest-->London trip

    I wanted to do a Danube tour from Germany through Wien, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Romania...... down to Greece.

    Never got round to it but I would love it. Why not go through Istanbul too, then make a hook down to Thessaloniki before heading back up through the Balkans?