Severe weather while traveling/camping?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by 3DChief, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I asked this question in my trip planning thread, but want to get it out to more viewers: What do you do about severe weather when you are out on the road/trail?

    We are doing the TAT as part of a 3 month coast to coast ride this summer (see link in sig line) and are wondering how everyone deals with this. We did a trip across country last summer and drove across Kansas the day Joplin got hit by the big tornado. We were watching it tearing up OK and southern KS as we drove. We drove through that storm system all the way across the US and drove through hail and zero visibility rain, and that was miserable in a car!

    I grew up in IN and am familiar with tornadoes, but always had some sort of shelter just in case. Out camping while on the TAT, we won't have that luxury. Write2ride grew up in WA, so she has never seen/been through a tornado and is really nervous about them. I am thinking about a small weather radio to get weather updates. Any more ideas?

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    It is a good question. Living here in the Tornado Alley, a guy gets used to significant weather events. The trick is to pay attention and plan accordingly. The "bad" outbreaks are rarely a surprise and are generally spring/fall events preceded by several days of warning. The weather forecasting in Oklahoma is outstanding--tune in via the internet and listen to what they say. There are storms that can be ridden out...and storms that to survive you simply have to get underground.

    The big fronts pass in 24-48 hours. If needed, find somewhere to hunker down, let it pass and enjoy the beautiful weather that generally follows.
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    Great weather applications on the iphone these days, complete with warnings for your area, based on your location from GPS. You can also do the hour-by-hour forecast (not that weathermen are accurate). Best bet, keep an eye on things, check weather applications when you stop or break, be prepared ($$$) to re-route to nearest motel in event of predicted foul weather so at least you are not in a tent.

    I avoid traveling over weekends when I can, so that motels cost less. Just me, others will have wise opinions.

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    I have a Garmin 478 gps which does XM weather radar overlays in real time. It's nice to see the track of coming storms and be able to take cover or detour if needed, it also displays severe weather warnings. The 478 is discontinued but there are other current models. It's also works in remote locations where there is no cell phone coverage.

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    Good thread. I await more responses.

    In 2010 I rode from Boston to Phoenix. As I was riding out of Nashville, the city was flooding and the wind was incredible. It was a struggle to get to Dallas and find a room. Next day the wind was still bad all the way to Bisbee AZ.

    I returned from Phoenix last May. I could see really bad weather as I approached Oklahoma City. That night (or maybe as I rode into town) the tornadoes struck. As I was riding east to Memphis next morning I could see the tornado damage for 100 miles.

    The truth is, I didn't know what that weather was, other than it was dark and humid with strange clouds. I don't know what I would have done if I saw a tornado. :eek1