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    May 3, 2014
    Hi all! long time stalker/first time poster here!

    Hope you guys could help me out here. Will be spending two weeks in spain at the end of the month of which 3 night will be spent in seville. Was thinking of planning a daytrip to cordoba whilst there and have finally managed to convince the wife to let us do that on a rented bike. Here's where i need help... I am absolutely clueless as to how i should go about it. Any tips on where i should rent a bike(400-600cc) and when i do how i should do about the daytrip is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    p.s. Hope im posting in the correct forum... heh
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    There is a rental place in Malaga Seville and Madrid. Try this
    Ask them about nice roads to ride there or use google maps and load the roads into the GPS
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    Cordoba is about an hour away by road to the east of Seville. You will be crossing a flat area and it will not be a good road for a motorcycle (The main road is a dual carriageway). A train or bus could be used instead. Routes to the north and south of Seville are into mountains and more worthy of a motorcycle. The main sight of interest in Cordoba is the great mosque which is fabulous and the close by roman bridge (a three minute walk away). There is more than enough to occupy you in Seville for three days.
    Enjoy your trip.