sexy, safe gear for women

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    Dainese and a lot of other top manufacturers still have a lot to learn about the female market. When looking for gear with my then gf, we were appalled by the womens suits sizings...they might fit supermodels for their catalogues but that's about it. If the pants fit, the top wasn't roomy enough for her rack, and if the jacket fit, the pants were stupidly oversized. A full day having to try on various bits of kit was a total joke, unlike what it was for me being able to say "just gimme a size 50 Dainese suit" and have it fit like a glove...5mins and that was me sorted!!

    As women's sizings vary so much, they should offer a suit with different sizings for each half, not a blanket "this is your size and shape". She ended up having to buy a lesser grade Dainese jacket and pants separately, and couldn't even get pants with knee sliders...a total pain given she does track-days. The biggest insult however was the huge cost-blowout for a lower grade outfit than mine just to ensure it fit her properly!! Having said that, she sure did look sexy in it!! :rofl
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    My wife is happy with her Alpinestars Stella Breeze mesh jacket and for colder riding she has the women's Killimanjaro. She has some mesh pants too, not sure the brand.

    The Stella looks really good on her I think, definitely cut for a woman's shape.
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    Motoport. Motport. Motoport.

    They custom make the gear to your measurements. If you order the Kevlar street jeans, you send them your favorite pair of regular jeans and they make the riding pants using your regular jeans as a template. So if your regular jeans fit you perfectly, the Kevlar jeans will fit you perfectly, too.

    And, I must say, my g/f in her Motoport Stretch Kevlar street jeans looks pretty darn sexy. Did I mention the material is stretchy? :D For the best "looking" jacket, you could go with one of their waist length jackets, like the GP-2 stretch Kevlar, or the Monroe Air Mesh (designed for Women), or the Air Mesh Kevlar jacket (what I wear). If you want a bit more versatility at the expense of not as sexy, you can go with a 3/4 length, like the Marathon Air Mesh Kevlar, or Marathon stretch Kevlar (what my g/f wears).

    Remember, the Motoport gear is custom made. So you can pick your colors. You can have the pockets done how you want. For example, on my street jeans, I got no front or rear pockets and, instead, got side entry pockets that are zippered with a velcro flap (like an Aerostich suit) and I got cargo pockets made with stretch kevlar (so they aren't loose and floppy when empty, but will still hold bulkier items).

    And the Motoport gear is, in my opinion, the best protection you can buy for street riding. It is better than race leathers, which, in turn, are way better than an Aerostich Roadcrafter. And anything less protective than a Roadcrafter (which I also have) is not worth wearing. I.e. I, personally, won't ride in anything less protective than my Roadcrafter. And I generally don't actually wear anything but my Motoport gear - unless I'm on a race track, where I wear my one piece leathers.

    Unlike the more popular Motoport styles you usually see on AdvRider, my suit fits like my custom leathers. It's all down to what you want.


    And my g/f's suit fits her very nicely, too, in my opinion. :D


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    I can't vouch for its durability or crash worthiness but scorpion made a woman's line. With decent look trim textile gear in normal in other word not just pink and purple colors.

    My ex ordered a custom suit from vanson 20 years ago, when there was not even thoughts of anything but custom woman's gear around.

    My wife now has an Olympia ast and older frank Thomas woman's leather pants.

    Stuff is out there. It's just hard to find.
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    Thank you for the support :)

    Everyone's definition of sexy varies. I think when a piece of gear fits a women perfectly, that's sexy. You can see every curve (no matter how non curvy they think they are) and there's no denying that a woman is on that motorcycle. My favorite 2 piece for sexy is the REV'IT Ignition 2 jacket and Gear 2 pants. The fitment is fantastic if you're that body shape (curvy friendly).

    If anyone is looking for a really rugged two piece touring outfit with the protection in an off the rack suit (not custom), I highly highly recommend the REV'IT Legacy GORE-TEX Jacket and Pants. It's the *best* textile suit I've ever worn. Waterproof shell, NO liner needed. Yes! Review is coming

    Ladies, if you ever need personalized recommendations for your fit, size and/or budget, please email me or post a question on my facebook page! I'd be thrilled to give you some ideas so you aren't banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what size to get/what fits/what doesn't.
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    You'll like the Roadcrafter although I don't know how sexy they are.
    My wife has a RC jacket and AD1 pants and loves them. You'll get many years out of your new set-up
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    The first gear monarch jacket has as water proof shell and is 100% water proof. It's also on close out for under 200 right now over at
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    My vote would go to the red icon jacket previously mentioned (federal 1000? Revzilla has it) and the motoport black stretch kevlar jean pant, also previously mentioned. Any jacket with d3o armor, like that icon jacket, will have a lower profile and therefore be sexier. I have the motoport jean pant and it is the ball and chain's favorite.