She may just have another chance.....

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    Last spring or early summer I blew up an old 1979 TS250 that I had picked up in a trade. I basically got it titled, got it so it would pass NYS inspection and rode it around the back roads and seasonal roads near my home in rural upstate NY. Everytime I left on it, my wife would make me hook up the trailer to her SUV "just in case". The last time I took it out I did not bother. I was following my son, when he only had his permit, so he could meet up with one of his licensed friends, on roads that were really pushing the old girl's limits. On my way back home she let go. I was in an area without cell coverage and ended up pushing it a couple miles, leaving it in a rural school parking lot, walking MORE until I could get my wife on the phone to come collect me. It sat in a back corner of my shop until a couple weeks ago. I decided it was worth nothing in it's non-running state so I would either fix it (if viable) or part it out. After disassembling it and finding it to be surprisingly sound inside (still on it's stock bore, in really good shape other than the aluminum form the piston, the bottom end was very tight) I decided to go through it. I cleaned out the bottom end and installed all new seals and gaskets. I removed the aluminum from the bore with muriatic acid, honed it to put a cross hatch on it and cleaned the ports up. Put a new top end in it, verified that the oil pump was still good, and put it all together. Tonight I kicked it over for the first time. I was in a hurry, the shop is a MESS and I used my cell phone. So these vids are pretty crappy, but I had to share. Much work to do now. I am going to paint it, cover the seat, clean up some other cosmetic issues, rebuild the forks and either ride it or sell it toward the purchase of later model on/off. Anyway, she's back from a brush with mortality....


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    Sounds like she needs to send you out with a sat phone from now on too.

    Nice vids.