Shipping from Buenous Aires to Europe

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Zepfan, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Searches turn up nothing.

    I want to RTW, w/o Africa. Any thoughts:ear Thanks

    I've done all of N.A. and C.A. The plan is to ride down back through c.a) to Ushuaia, ship from B.A. to ??? I'm open to crossing to Asia if that's easier.
  2. Mark Manley

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    I don't know the best place in Europe to ship to, the UK if you only speak English perhaps, but avoid France as it seems to be expensive from what other posts have said, also make it clear on the documentation that it is a temporary import or they might try to sting you for import tax.
  3. roadspirit

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    If you think about shipping to Asia maybe you should consider shipping from Valparaiso, Chile. There is a german-owned biker friendly hostel there, that helps and arranges bikers for motorcycling shipping. Search for "villa kunterbunt hostel" or something like that.

    Regarding Buenos Aires, I just shipped my bike out, destination Greece. I can send you the contact details of the freight-forwarding company and of the customs broker that took care of everything. Cost was aprox. 7500 argentinean pesos including everything* but the crate. That, I took care of it myself.

    * customs, port fees, handling, paperwork, shipping etc.

    There is also the well know Dakar Motos, they have been helping bikers to ship their bikes for years now.
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    Just left BA a couple days ago and at the port there are many containers being shipped all over the world. May find one with some space you can buy for the voyage.