Shipping from Malaysia to Australia around 01/2013

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by StartAdventures, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Hello everyone ....Im now in KL after all the way from Italy and i was looking around to ship the bike from anywhere from Malaysia to anywhere to Australia (looking for something cheap).

    by airplane or sea....

    if anyone have some suggestion or want to join to reduce the cost are very welcome :deal ....

    by the way in this website there is not any sections about shipping, right ? i try to search but i didnt found

    thanks a lot :clap

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    What is KL? Forgive me if I didn't know.. had to ask! And I would be interested in hearing your experience of how well it went getting into Malaysia because I heard that shipping to Singapore is difficult and cost prohibitive.

    Perhaps someone else can chime in. Thanks!
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    I believe he means Kuala Lumpur.

    To/from SE Asia, the reports point the same way: ship by air to/from Bankgok or KL, and by sea to/from Port Klang Malaysia (near KL – and if shipping into Malaysia, you officially need the carnet).

    And yes, Singapore means some extra hassle, but shipping is always a bit of a headache, so I don´t really know, how much of a difference it makes in the end. It is certainly a very big seaport, and also a major airport, so you have plenty of options to ship there, too.
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    Hey there, I would suggest riding to Singapore, its an easy 3hour ride to the first or second link and then take a look at some of the shipping companies there. It will cost you a few bucks more than from KL/Port Klang, BUT they will treat your bike far more professionally than the dockworkers at PK. You wont find bits missing to fit their Naza or Suzuki 2 stroke.

    One option is to get hold of Perkin's Shipping, they run a service from Singapore, via Dili East Timor and on to Darwin, which is their home port. It would then give you a choice of riding through East Timor, :clapbloody amazing countryside and then shipping down to Darwin and from there take the track to Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane.

    Toll Marine Logistics
    Frances Bay Drive, Darwin NT 0800
    GPO Box 1019, Darwin NT 0801
    Contact: Chloe Cameron or Amber Huddlestone
    Tel : (08) 8982 2018 or (08) 8982 2014
    Fax : (08) 8941 0991

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