Short Ride report / best kind of fun.

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    Well the day started with me waking up at early to start my trip.. After many emails and calls I have a meet scheduled to look at a 950 Adventure. Weather report was for mostly sunny skies, in the PNW thats a rare bird in November.

    Arrived at my Hertz local to pick up a car so I could do a one way trip from Portland OR to Bremerton WA(Mini “fly and ride”). Starts out not sounding good, I had reserved a economy car with frequent renter points. The desk jockey starts out,, “We ran out of compact cars,, and since your a gold member we upgraded you to a mid size, but the night shift rented it out by accident. We are all out of full size cars as well, basically all we have left is a mustang will that work out? I really did not care so I said no problem and he handed me my packet and I head up to get the car... EPIC Win,, its not a regular little V6 renter... its “Adrenaline “ package car, Real Mustang GT HO! Wheeeeeha! Awesome... Jump in the hotrod and head up the road, first freeway on ramp figured out it it a rocket... And it had a amazing stereo and competition dash package... Does it get any better at 50 than ripping up a road in a muscle car listening to Dyno Rock on the sat radio? Maybe...

    About 15 minutes up the highway harp music plays the fog blows off and I've got blue skies and dry pavement that lasts ALL the way to Bremerton.

    Arrived at the sellers house and started checking out the bike, better than the pictures in the ad, and its a 06, could have sworn his ad said 04... Cool. . But it wouldn't run after starting... Uh oh... he was really embarrassed since I came so far. Helped him pull the covers and we checked some things out, found the problem. The Yellow harness from the voltage regulator is tucked under the skid plate, it had come out of the retainer loop and was rubbing and had grounded a wire. Little heat shrink and its alive. Took it for a ride, been a couple years since I rode,, extreme rust... In me...

    Came to a agreement on the price, loaded all the luggage, and misc spare stuff and headed out. First ride on my new bike is going to be 180 miles.. Its 3:00 PM and still 55 degrees.

    Stopped in a little burg along 101 to gas up.. Finished filling the tank when a guy filling up next to me walked over looking it over,,
    Him:“What kind of bike is that?”
    Me:I answered,, despite the logo... Its a KTM.
    Him: “Who makes that?” ,,,,
    Me: KTM
    Him: …?? Oh its actually a brand? Where do they make them?
    Me: Europe. (Trying to avoid the geography question for 200....)
    Him, looks fun, probably fairly slow with that luggage on there huh...
    Me: Yea, it only does 90 in third...
    Him: 90?? <big eyes=""> ... how many gears?
    Me: 6.
    Him: gives me the stank eye,, He says later and gets in his truck. Guess he decided I'm screwing with him...

    Then remember I need to call my insurance agent to activate the policy... OOPS! Call my agent,,,
    Him: Oh cool you bought a bike. What kind... ??
    Me: A KTM 950.
    Him: &#8220;Who makes that?&#8221; (guess where this is going!)
    Everyone at the gas station: stares when I start laughing... :lol3
    Me: KTM (Starting to have too much fun with this... )
    Him: Oh,,, oh there it is,,it is in the computer! Wow never heard of it.. Should be able to cover it for 400 bucks...
    ME: Um I think it needs to be well under 200 to keep me from being a geico customer....
    Him: Really?,,,
    Me: Its a Dual sport,, Kinda Like a BMW 800GS
    Him: Oh well it should be cheaper then thats considered a low performance class....
    Me: <evil grin=""> Yea,,, its a bike you kinda cruise around on country roads on.... Not much for the highway.... (Hoping he does not google the videos... )<now hoping="" he="" does="" not="" google="" ktm="" 950="" on="" you="" tube....="">
    Him: Ah there it is <insert typing="" noises...=""> Wow its only $193 a year...
    Me: Thanks! Hang up now....(I'll be shopping a bit... Later...)

    Awesome ride along the Sound down past the big toys the navy keep stored... Could not ask for better weather (Especially in November.) Once it got dark, About the last hour and a half,,, holy cow the temperature dropped, Cruising along at 70 (ish...) stopped at Centralia to warm up for a few minutes then hit the road until arrival at home... Even in the cold,,, dang I had fun.... And I have a new toy in my garage... Didn't even run into any crazies,, guess they thought someone riding in that temperature deserved a break... :D

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    Short and sweet! :D
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    Congrats on the new ride. I hear those 990's make great "Puttering around the farm" bikes :D .