Short scoot on Independence Day (6th March).

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    Was in the office in the morning, so left later than I would like. It was HELL on wheels getting out of Accra through Madina. The traffic was bumper to bumper and gives no quarter for anyone on 2 wheels.

    Talk about bad roads……. This road out of town is pure shite, the road works are taking YEARS longer than they should and what is left of the old roads are in absolute bits.

    It was in the high 30’s and I got the temperature gauge showing 6 bars. That’s a first I can tell you. I was totally melting inside my helmet. I have never felt the air blown back from the engine being so hot on my legs. I was looking down to check had my trousers come up my shins or something.

    In my hurry to get out of town I missed the turn off for Dodowa where I was intending to go. No friggin way was I trying a u-turn in the midst of this mayhem. Carried on up into the hills.

    I decided to stop at a place I had always passed before, to get a cold coke or something, as I was ‘pure roasted’ as we say back home.
    The place was the Akuapem Grill.


    The music level was like something from a night club. :dj Will try to upload a sample later.


    I reckon the party was due to the Independence Day celebrations. A couple of times, the changeover between tunes was the sound of an air raid siren blasting, it was hilarious. :lol3 I tried to get it on the recording but missed it.

    The Coke was good, real cold. Hit the spot bang on.


    Got er down my neck, :1drink and put the feet up for 5 minutes and listened to a bit more music.

    where the fook has all my hair gone........I swear it must have come off inside the helmet :rofl

    Then paid up and pissed off.


    I left the Grill, turned back on the road I came. A nice considerate taxi driver in a beat up Vectra decided the best place for him was to sit 30cm from my back wheel. Fucking Idiot. I pull over to the right to let him by. As soon as he gets by……….he pulls in to drop off a fare. Tosser. :ken Taxi drivers have to make a living like everybody else but some of them out here couldn’t drive their finger into butter never mind a car on the public highway.

    I swung off left, headed for Lartey. These roads are great. Bumpy as a bumpy thing in a bumpy place, but twist and turn like mad. On the way I dueled with two crazy drivers up and over round and round. Limited view ahead, their speed, and my desire to get home alive made getting by them a lot of fun…….but get by them I did. I thought this would make excellent video. Only found out later instead of turning the video on when leaving the Grill………I had turned it off. What a tube. :(:

    I got up to Lartey, coming into the village, meets a man standing in the middle of road looking totally bewildered………..guess the palm wine was flowing well and he was ‘blootered’. Good on ye fella! :freaky

    I pulled into a lay-by in Lartey to make a few notes. Music was blaring out of a house here again. Ghanaians do like the music loud. Sony etc could save themselves the bother of volume control on radio’s etc out here. Just set them permanently to the maximum and make it an on off switch. Job done ha ha.

    Then the light went off (power cut to you guys) and that was the end of music. Bloody eerie silence after all the ram jam that was going on.


    I dropped down out of the mountains, came home on the main road. I can usually hit the speed bumps (raised painted line type) quite a bit faster than the cars etc but there was a red minibus (tro-tro) who was determined to give me a run for my money. I am sure his passengers were just delighted, they must have been bounced around like bowling pins the way he hit the bumps.

    And the inevitable moment of animal madness, a friggin mutt of a dog comes out into the middle of the road (in the past its been goats, and one momentous occasion with a bloody baboon) and stops, looks at me coming bombing along the road and decides to have a think about it. I could see the fecker’s cogs turning over in whatever bit of a brain was inside his skull……..carry on…….turn back…….stay here. I’m squealin at the shithead to do something so I would know what way to switch, left or right. The rotten tramp eyeballed me to the last minute then fcuked off back into the bush at the road side. I had bet on left………..and I won, thanks be to Jaysus. Mind you he cost me a few microns of brake pads and almost a new set of underwear.

    That’s it. Home again. I love my bike. Take my house and burn it. Just leave me my bike.