Short trip from Tampa to Daytona

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    Hi everyone, my name is David, I ride a 1999 Yamaha R1. This is my first post on the forum. I just did my longest trip that ended today and even though it was not an extremely long distance trip (about 550 miles) by any means I have a lot better idea of how I am going to prepare for much longer trip in the future.

    1st day- Tampa to West Palm Beach (No Highways) (1 gas stop)

    I started off pretty late, rushed all the way to Avon Park for gas and then made it to West Palm Beach. My old R1 doesn't really have the best wind protection so that's probably the most bothersome thing at high speed which creates different problems. small roads and high speed become slightly scary because the combination of all the distractions from wind blast, noise and traffic just makes everything less safe in my opinion. At times you are fighting to keep from being blown all over the place and at high speed the conditions get uncomfortable for me on the sport bike.

    2nd day- West Palm Beach to Daytona (Only Highway) (1 gas stop)

    Got off to another late start and just wanted to get to Daytona fast. The road conditions on the interstate make traveling much less intimidating for high speed, probably because you have no wind blast coming from trucks that you have on a small two lane road.. But it is still not exactly what I would consider fun due to the wind hitting you at 80+ even though it’s not that bad. The wind noise is pretty annoying to me. I wear a full face HJC and was wearing earphones (listening to music) I usually wear earplugs but I was also using Google maps for directions. So overall this day of riding was more comfortable than the first but not so great because I didn't get any "quality" road time cause the highway is pretty monotonous.

    3rd day- Daytona Beach back to Tampa (No Highway) (gas in Daytona no stops)

    This day I got a slightly earlier start and just wanted to go pretty slow all the way home and it was so much more relaxing and enjoyable. I knew my bike would be fine on one tank because it was 150 miles. I kept an average of about 65-70 mph and at this speed it’s a lot more enjoyable on a sport bike. The wind blast and noise were greatly reduced and everything felt a lot safer than on the first day. I tried to think of every sensation I was getting so I could improve on my future trips. At my new favorite traveling speeds I noticed noise early on, which is obviously easy to fix by earplugs and better helmet. The wind did not feel bad and only slight pressure at times but not what I personally would consider fatiguing. The last two things I noticed near the end of the ride were slight wrist fatigue, and the seat started getting uncomfortable. Other than that it was a nice ride home and I really enjoyed it even though the road was still not the most scenic. I actually felt like it did not take long at all, when I started seeing familiar signs I was very surprised that I made it in comfort.

    Here is a list of some things I noticed-

    1. Google maps is extremely lacking in route options and I will probably be buying an actual road map and use that instead.

    2. Highway speeds might be great for a Harley with ample wind protection, but on a sport bike or any other bike I prefer long distance at around 65 mph on back roads.

    3. Less noise will make for a better trip

    4. Seating position, and seat itself could be improved on.

    5. Conclusion- My old R1 could be a decent platform to tour long distance on with a few modifications.

    Things I am looking to buy before my next trip (with better roads of course). A sport touring windscreen, I currently have a zero gravity "double bubble" and their sport touring model is designed to reduce wind blast. Some sort of handle bar riser that give a less aggressive riding position, something to make my seat more comfortable. And from there it's just a matter of little comforts that I will probably also get. I'm just pretty excited that I now look at my motorcycle as a good option for long trips with comfort as basically my number 1 priority. I'm also very used to my motorcycle and have had it for 5 years so I have confidence in repairs and know exactly how it handles.

    Finally as for Daytona Bike Week I will probably go again.. But it is over hyped to me. If you love Harleys to death you will love it there. 95% of bikes seem to be Harleys... I was expecting to see biker gangs bullying everyone for some reason but only saw 1 guy get punched over a girl and it did not escalate into a fight. 1 guy, very likely on purpose, shouldered me pretty good. Enough to have me angry enough to stop and immediately turn to see if I was purposely ran into (I am 6'2 pretty big so it not that easy to run into me) and yes when I turned I saw another guy about my size, drunk with an angry "tough guy" face probably trying to start a fight. I just turned and kept on walking since it was not worth it. (I literally just got there also). Unless you like 5$ beers, 9$ burgers and a bunch of vendors selling shirts, it’s so so. The good thing is there are nice people, the chicks, bars very close, and music. Next time I will try and plan my trip better and figure out what I missed out on.
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    Get one of these Florida Gazetters. It has all the roads in Florida. Really helps trip planning. It's kind of large to take on the bike, but great for planning a trip.

    I agree about Bike Week. You have to go at least once. So you can say been there done that. There is actually some good riding north of Daytona. Next time you are in the area check out A1A north of Daytona. And also "The Loop" is actually a nice ride.
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    Thanks i'm going to order one of those Gazetters. Hopefully I will get some good riding in soon, I just ordered a handlebar conversion kit that should give me a nice riding position.