Shoulda had my bike blessed...

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by J. Thompson #5150, Apr 18, 2012.

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    This past Saturday the local CMA chapter was having a Blessing of the Bikes at the local Harley dealer. My buddy and I were out for a ride and stopped in for a minute but we didn't stick around. Maybe we should have because Sunday night another driver changed lanes in front of me and hit his brakes hard like he had missed his turn or something. I don't remember much after that but I came to as the paramedics were cutting all my clothes off and loading me onto a stretcher. I was very lucky as I walked out of the hospital early Monday morning with a minor concussion, bruised ribs, and a whole lot of road rash. Had I not been wearing a helmet, who knows.

    Ironically enough, my bike survived with twisted forks, bent handlebars, and a chewed up saddlebag. I started feeling better today - still feel like I got hit by a bus, just a much smaller one - and I figured I'd assess the bike and see what I could do. I looked everything over, straightened out the forks and took the bike for a test ride around the neighborhood. Everything seems to be okay aside from the bent handlebars. I have new bars already on order so I guess that worked itself out.

    But here's the kicker - I got cited for failure to maintain control. Aint that a kick in the nuts? Nothing like being in the ER, strapped to a gurney, an IV in your arm, your clothes all cut off and your neck in a collar, and a cop coming in to give you a ticket. At least the cop was hot. I know I'm married, but still, I wouldn't mind having her number :lol3
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    get a lawyer to fight it.

    but that's a common method for people to get into accidents that aren't deemed their fault.
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    Well at least you are ok. If you truly believe you were in the right, fight it hard.
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