Shout out to Spoiled Biker

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    Just wanted to pass along a great experiance with

    So, I getting ready to head out on a two week trip with Ms. Nut who can't ride without the intercom. Went for a quick test ride after all the maintanence and forgot to plug my Starcom1 cable into my helmet. Well the cable wrapped around the back wheel and was destroyed. 5 days before the trip! Went on-line and ordered the replacement and chose the two day fedex shipping option ($30) as that was the only obvious method to receive it in time.

    Later that day, I received a phone message from Spoiled Biker that they can ship with USPS Priority Mail for much less and will still receive it on time. I received this message on Saturday and did not listen to it until after 6:00 pm. So was not able to return the call. Monday morning, the owner himself called me to give me the details. In the end, they saved me about 20 bucks in shipping and the cables arrived in time.

    Now that is customer service!:clap