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    Various agenda-driven agitators have been babbling about "running out of oil" since we discovered the liberation of inexpensive liquid high-yield fuel that is oil.

    And every year there is MORE, not less, known recoverable oil.

    This is an engineered crisis. Right now we have more recoverable oil in the United States than in the Arab sheihkdoms. It took a radical no-growth anti-prosperity government to make roughly half of it inaccessible through prohibiting drilling or recovery...even in such pristine, beautiful places as ANWR.

    Ever been to ANWR? Of course not. You couldn't go there if you wanted. THERE IS NOTHING THERE.

    It's an ARCTIC DESERT. We could test nuclear weapons there and never feel the effect of what desolation resulted. If we don't allow ourselves to recover oil THERE...then the only conclusion is, our leaders and decision-makers want us oil-starved.

    And it was oil that freed the common man. It gave him transportation; heated his home without the dirt and work of shoveling coal; it automated drudge tasks. There were a hundred men on the Titanic whose job was to SHOVEL COAL - today a cargo ship sails with a crew of about a dozen in all.

    What is being done; and what lies are being told about it, is nothing short of maniacal.
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    You may be an all-time champion for reading something other than what's written.

    Its not the word "HOT"that I posted . . . . its the word "HOTTER". Can you tell the difference? A stove element may well be hot, but a bessemer furnace is likely to be hotter.

    Visiting Australia and staying inside an air-conditioned hotel is very different from qualified researchers comparing thousands of items of data to reach conclusions.

    Great Barrier Reef at Great Risk

    Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at Risk from Global Warming

    04-01-2005 // Heidi Ridgley

    That's all its going take . . . . . A temperature increase of less than 1.8 degrees F.
    Goodthing that you never visited our reef. Once you open your mouth the local environment would receive that kind of heating effect, and from only one person.

    Sea levels force Kiribati to ask Fijians for new home

    Water volume expands with rises in temperature. Its okay for YOU to keep your head in the sand, but don't do this on beaches, hey?

    Greenland's glaciers melting faster, say scientists

    Greenland's glaciers are melting 30 faster than they were a decade ago, satellite images reveal.

    U.S. Navy Challenged by Climate Change

    It appears that the US Navy is taking the issue of Global Warming quite seriously.

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    But dosent capsize mean turn upside down?
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    Just how often can someone be wrong? By your line of thought Solar Power would be a poor choice for Canada. Isn't Canada further North? Doesn'f the sun sit at a lower angle to the horizon in Canada? So, what do we find?
    Solar power in Canada

    Let's go further. By your kind of logic Solar Power would be a poor choice for the North and South Polar Regions. So, what do we find?
    Australian Antarctic Division:
    Can solar power be used in Antarctica?

    Please explain. Are these all the possible uses that YOU can find for independent Solar Power? Not able to see any further?
    Self-powered smart building uses hydrogen technology

    So, how much longer will you post your faulty logic (or your father's?) so that we can continue to shoot you down?
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    How gracious and polite you are? An excellent example of a human being, . . . but to who?
    Energy is what we use. Who's going to consume electric power? Electricity is NEVER stored, just changed to a form of Energy that can be readily converted back again. Batteries don't store electricity, either, for that matter.

    YOU are splitting hairs more than Yul Brunner's barber ever did!
    Yet its starting to sound like YOU have difficulty even understanding your own son. You have an over-emotional way of expressing yourself. All these slogans. Do you work printing bumper stickers?
    That's only DuPont's brand -- these are more compounds. So, you've observed all this freon on the ground? What does it look like? This 'leased', not purchased, Freon? :wink:

    And its not just refrigerants, but Fire-Fighting compounds like bromofluoroalkanes that are problematic.
    If you did some history reading on your own instead of solely following you son's speeches, you might learn the following:

    There's the names. Ask James Lovelock, Sherry Rowland, and Mario Molina how all this man-made gas is rising up where its doing that damage. They are the ones to answer that question.
    A surmise or conclusion, only. Do YOU have any research to counter the scientists measuring ocean temperature? Do you have any research to counter researchers taking ice cores? Have you viewed man-made deserts and measured how they affect solar reflectivity?

    Even the Roman Empire was able to cause great damage to the ecosystem in their part of the world. What do you think transporting and killing great numbers of exotic animals for public entertainment over the course of several human lifetimes cans do to whole species? Where's the Asiatic Lion today?
    We don't have to change the Earth's rotation to cause damage. Forest fires in Indonesia (a Third World Country) caused smoke plumes that en-circled the globe. Astronauts on the ISS can see with their own eyes what man is doing to this planet.

    Do YOU know how BIG the floating islands of garbage in the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans are?

    You have very limited thinking. Even the US Military has the power to drastically change things. Have you ever heard of the US tests that exploded nuclear bombs in the inosphere, strathosphere, and even in space itself. Their efforts
    changed the shape of the lower Van Allen Belt itself! World-wide radio traffic was affected for hours on end. One of these experiments caused the Queen's Astronomer, Sir Martin Ryle, to issue a strong official protest. Rosalie Bertell, PhD., GNSH, was told by a Fijian sailor that the whole sky was on fire and he thought it was the End of the World.
    You have other options?

    If I hold a book from my library up to my monitor, is that acceptable?

    If I read something, and take the time (hours?) to compose it in my own words, is that acceptable?

    I take your final line as meaning rather - "I already believe something and no one is going affect me differently."
    Sounds just like a Fully Made-Up and Closed Mind, to me! Your brain is no longer pliable . . . you can never learn anything new. Like a head full of concrete.
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    Actually, no one really cares if you are convinced or not. People respond to this nonsense out of a sense of compassion for those crippled by baseless faith and disadvantaged education.

    The vast majority of the deniers have no knowledge of Science as a methodolgy nor any understanding of the underlying scientific data that supports the theories of climatic change. Worse, they have no understanding of the basically skeptical nature of the scientific endeavor.

    No single study is ever viewed, by scientists, as convincing - only suggestive. Theories gain strength from repeated testing and are constantly being modified in small ways to improve precision or cast aside if the data indicates errors in a theory that tweaking will not correct.

    The average individual's knowledge of Science is usually based on a grade school or high school introduction which leads them to believe, for instance, that every experiment must have a zero level control group (not true) or they pick-up the silly meme "statisitics don't lie, statisticians do". The problem is that the vast majority of people simply don't know anything about statistics beyond calculating a simple "average" (arithmetic mean).

    So they often wind up typing on their computer "Science is phony" while never appreciating the irony of the scenario.

    The choice is simple. One can wallow in one's ignorance or one can make the effort to learn. No one can do it for you and in the long run no one really cares.