Skully Helmets in SF this Thursday evening

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    Piston & Chain is hosting the CEO/Founder of Skully Helmets ( ) this Thursday evening at the Piston & Chain clubhouse in SF. Non-members are welcome, so please come check it out. (In fact, anyone who signs up at this event will get their first month of membership free).


    What: Skully Helmets first look (the helmets ship sometime in 2014)
    Where: Piston & Chain MC, 1285 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA (map: )
    When: Thursday, December 5th, 7-9 p.m.

    Fast Company called it "The Google Glass of Motorcycle Helmets." It won the esteemed DEMOgod award at DEMO 2013. Its been featured in dozens of publications including Road & Track, Wired, USA Today, Fast Company and CNET. It will be seen publicly for the first time at Piston & Chain!

    Join journalists covering wearable tech as we welcome Marcus Weller, founder & CEO of Skully Helmets. Marcus developed the world's first vertically integrated smart HUD motorcycle helmet after a potentially life-threatening experience and subsequent dream. He will share his story as well as the evolution of the Skully P1.

    Come for the interesting and informative talk and stick around for food, drinks and to check out the P1. Marcus and his engineering team will be around to answer questions and consider your feedback.


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    Saw these a while ago when they were looking for testers. Looks like a good concept, I might swing by and check it out.