Sleeping bag suggestion.

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    Apr 7, 2009
    I also picked up one of the newer style military sleep systems, and have some of the same comments as above.

    It doesn't pack down as small, and per section, weighs a bit more than you would find elsewhere.

    That said, there is a huge advantage, which is the ability to combo thing.

    Last November I went on an 11 day trek in the Nepalese Himalayan mtns. I ended up not taking either of the two military bags, as I was hiking and counting onces, but I did take the goe-tex bivy with me. Its large enough to fit my sleeping bag (Quest 0 degree synthetic), and my BA insulated air core. Putting the two inside the bivy added some extra warmth, and kept me from sliding off the air core. Loved the setup.

    On a motorcycle, I will definitely be considering it as a full system with my BA pad. As long as I don't have to hike the weight, seems like a wonderfully comfortable setup.

    Also, they can be had brand new for 100-150$

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    Jan 15, 2011
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    I live close to Ft. Campbell Ky. and I went and purchased the newer style military sleep systems used, it is the 5 piece set. 2 compression bags, bivy bag and a thin bag and a heavy bag. The newer style bags are both tan color, the older style setup had a tan bag and a BLACK INTERMEDIATE BAG. Also the camo color is different on the NEW style bag. I slept in my bag on the porch and at 18* I kept warm, I also put the bag on an Exped insulated Sym7 pad. I feed that I could have sleep in much colder weather with no problem. I purchased this used (looked unused) for $100
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    I can only tell you what I use and it works. Big Agnes Lost Ranger. Down mummy bag. 15*