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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stretchmoney, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. stretchmoney

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    Nov 30, 2006
    okay here's what i did to winterize-05cbr600rr,in early friend's basement:

    full tank of gas-fuel stabilizer(sta-bil brand)added,maybe a bit heavy handed.

    engine filled with oil up to top of oil filler

    lightly oiled rags taped over exhaust and intakes

    battery on battery tender

    then monday and today,april 9th and 10th:

    oil drained, new oil in,rags removed,battery in.loud cilck heard from seat area when attempted to start.tried roll starting,even though friend and I pretty sure this doesn't work with fuel injection.but i think it would have,because you could hear the usual fuel pump noise once the kill switch was turned to"run".tried jumping off of car,with car off,as i have been time out of ten,we hear a small sign of starter life.decide battery is dead and look for new one.

    next battery in,same sound.try by passing starter switch with wrench on the solenoid(or relay?)poles,next to battery under rear luck,nothing different.everytime the starter button is hit,all lights go out,and dash starts its little warm-up routine(tach sweep,speedo countdown)finally i just hold down the button for longer and we hear the starter,it sounds like the engine has turned over.we go outside and jump it off the car,it fires up.lots of smoke.

    so we let it run a bit,then back inside to replace bodywork.friend notices oil level looks a little high(anybody else seem to have the case of the rising oil level?you put it in to a level between the lines,but as soon as the engine is run the level will end up high?)i drain a bit out and start it again,doesnt seem as smoky now.

    so.was the smoke from the fuel stabilizer? the engine didnt get turned over and i didnt drop some oil into each piston-was my engine lightly seized?was the smoke from filling the case up with oil?would enough moisture to rust the pistons to the cyl walls really get in past oily rags or just kind of already be in the engine?

    my last winterization had my old bandit600 outside in a sort of tent i made,in a winter that had 3 ft of snow on the ground for months.oil in each cyl,engine rolled over by turning the back wheel maybe 2-3 times in 3-4 months,battery left on wood floor of apartment in unheated zone,airbox and exhaust taped up.cases filled with oil.come spring bike fired right up.

    was the bad luck this time around from not dumping a bit down each cyl?not turning the engine around at all?i did ride it 30 miles home just now,seemed a bit smokey,any ideas?
    the friend is mr ray,whata pal for letting me wreck his nights twice in a row,cutting down his sleep to a few paltry hours,letting a cat out,botching his dinner,etc.he had to loan me his car so i could get home,he let me ride his new strom(dope,yo!)and made some calls to try and shop suggested the stuck piston scenario,and said to be careful dont force it,you can bend the crank with the starter motor-any opinions on that as well?
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    Jan 3, 2005
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    My guess would be you over filled the crankcase with oil. When trying to start the engine was hydro-locked by the oil and wouldn't turn over. Bumping it you forced some oil up past the rings and that made it smoke when it finally started.
    Winterizing is good if you do it properly. If you really don't know/understand the full effect of what you are doing, best be safe and go by the rules.
    Glad you got it running with no damage.

    Any other guesses ?

  3. scapegoat

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    Dec 21, 2005
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    Last time I ran my log splitter for a few hours I ran it outta gas, figured I was done for a couple months and then added a tank of overldosed stabilized gas(honda brand) then ran it to get the stabilized gas into the carb etc, it started smoking like a SOB, Id say it was/is the stabilizer.
  4. stretchmoney

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    Nov 30, 2006
    would the hydro lock thing happen even with the winterization,over filled oil all drained out?it was alot of oil-2 trips to the autozone to drain mr ray's pan so damn near two gallons.
    other thoughts:can high oil pressure blow through head gaskets?oil getting into the cylinders through the gaskets?i'd think that the pressure of combustion would be alot higher than the pressure of an oil system that's over by a matter of a few ounces.or oil through valve seals?where is high oil pressure worst for an engine?i'll check the radiator over flow for oil and after that, isnt a check for gasket damaget to start the engine with your rad. cap off to look for bubbles.
    the smoke was kinda thick ,def. white,and got thicker with each throttle blip.
    shouldnt that fuel stabilizer be thicker than-heavier,slightly-than gas so it gets mixed instead of sitting on top doing nothing?
    andthanks ofr these replies,guysthey are slowly putting me at ease that i havent blown gaskets or "seized"the engine with rust or some shit.
  5. Mr. Ray

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    Mar 18, 2006
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    I was helping stretch out on this "little" project and I have never seen a bike smoke like this so I am interested too.

    Of course when I say I've never seen this it's because I have never once winterized a bike of mine properly. I just start them up once a month and run them for awhile. This is not necessarily the best method I realize but I am lazy and want my bike on standby for the odd 70 degree January day.
  6. comes naturally

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    Oct 14, 2005
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    I put a heavy handed dose of Sta-bil in my SV over the winter (the only "winterizing" done) and had no smoke this spring.