So, my bike was running real bad....

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    Last April I was heading back to SoCal from visiting my family in Texas in when my bike stated intermittently cutting out and losing power. This would happen for a few seconds and then clear up and run fine. It seemed as though it was running out of fuel or had some sort of electrical clitch.

    I was between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque when it finally lost power and didn't recover. The bike would idle but poorly and had no power to continue. I had to bring it back in a U-Haul.

    I started checking all the usual stuff, fuel pump, carbs, plug, vacuum hoses, etc, etc.


    One really weird symptom which was a lot of fuel blow back from the carbs which seem to indicate a ignition or valve timing issue. Checked the valve clearances and timing, everything was spot on.

    I was stumped...

    Ive been talking my buddies about it, none had any ideas...

    Until today.... One of my friends wondered if something was up with the exhaust system causing back pressure.

    I checked it as soon as I got home and this is what I found.....




    My FMF spark arresters were full of muffler packing material. I had repacked the mufflers almost 2 years ago.

    I clearly made a mistake not using repacking kits from FMF, I used kits from Fly Racing instead.

    Saving a few bucks on the kits ended up costing me $1000 in U-Haul rental and fuel.

    My bike will be back together tomorrow.....
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    The moral to the story is...
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    Loud pipes save lives!

    Don't repack! :lol3
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    Don't re pack if you wanta get back !
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    I had that happen to me on my 525 once when I had just bought it. Had started to really regret my choice when it just wouldn't run well and was having trouble keeping ahead of a KLR :eek1

    Just when I was going to give up and hobble back to town I looked it over good and realized that there was no pressure coming out the silencer..... field strip and clear.

    BOOM :clap And off to the races......... the rest of the day was a blast! :D

    So yeah, now I check that......... :lol3