Sojourn thru the South, May 2-8, w/ parts of the TAT

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    hey y'all, i'm doing a loop throught the South over about 7-8 days if any fellow riders want to jump on, meet up along the way, or provide a couch to crash on. Gonna do a portion of the TAT along the way, too!!

    here are the basic details:

    May 2 - Depart from Wilmington, NC and ride south to Savannah, GA.
    May 3 - spend day checking out Savannah.
    May 4 - depart Savannah for Memphis heading NW, camp somwhere midway, perhaps near Birmingham.
    May 5 - break camp and finish ride into Memphis, via Tupelo.
    May 6 - check out Beale St music festival, great lineup for Sunday!
    May 7 - depart Memphis and pick up the TAT heading east, camp somewhere near TN/NC border, probably on the TN side.
    May 8 - spend the day riding the mountains of TN and western NC, camp somewhere near Asheville, NC
    May 9 - make a dash back to the coast!!!

    anyone interested, lemme know. I'm 39 and friendly. I'll be riding a black KLR decked out with Wolfman luggage. I'll also be carrying basic camping gear to keep my options opern. I'm completely happy doing it all solo, but figured it's gonna be such an epic trip that i should open it for anyone to join in if they'd like.
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