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Discussion in 'EMEA' started by Quickly, Dec 2, 2010.

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    So my Mum is set to become redundant, she's selling her house, and has decided she'd like to do some tours. She has a bike and is quite competent riding it, but not at all confident. I've done a bit in the past so I said I would get some information together. But I've always planned everything myself - whether on a bike or otherwise - I've never gone on an organised tour/holiday/whatever.

    There are many, many companies advertising on the internet. I'm looking for recommendations of British-based training centres (to help build confidence) and tour operators, (she'd be looking to go anywhere around Europe, in two or three trips of 3 or 4 weeks at a time).

    Hope you can help,
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    I'd suggest bmw's off road skils course for chicks, your local MAG and Patsy Quick's company (you can google all).

    I'm ex-MAG (I moved abroad) but haven't done either the BMW or Patsy's courses but they're on my list.
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    World of BMW run on-road rider training courses alongside their off-road skills courses in Wales. They got me through my test a few years back and seemed pretty competent.

    Before getting my own bike I used Munchner Freiheit, and KTM Adventure Tours for short tours. I went through the planning process for a longer (5 week) tour with Globebusters and can recommend them highly; Julia is great.

    Edit. Globebusters don't do Europe but it's only a matter of confidence and finance to go further afield. If your Mum does the BMW training, Globebsueters is next door; she can drop in for a cuppa.
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    Have your mother take a peek at - if there is anything there that strikes her fancy we will take very good care of her!

    Rob Beach