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  1. JBS227

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    Jun 27, 2013
    I have found a 2007 990 Adventure with 35,000 miles that I am considering buying. Fly and ride as it is in NoCal and I am in Seattle.

    What are some specific questions I should ask about that high of milage? Any maintenance that should have been do before then? Water pump? Valves? etc.

    I haven't bought a motorcycle this way before, any advice on how to proceed with the transaction? Anything I should be weary about. Its on consignment at a dealer.

  2. Two Moto Kiwis

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    Apr 12, 2007
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    How about a local inmate to do a pre question check to see if it is what you are wanting? ... any inmate close by?
  3. DrKayak

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    The dealer in Grass Valley CA is questionable. Not the bike he has with the frame painted red?

    2007 is an early verison of the Fuel Injection. Some have issues with the sudden/jerky throttle responce. Make sure you are OK with the throttle response when you test ride. If you don't like it the issue can be hard to make better.
  4. DesertSurfer

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    Is the dealer KTM? If not pull vin# and call the one in your local area. Have them get the service and TSB history. Read the HOW before you fly there. Make sure it didn't have a failed waterpump seal, that it was already replaced with upgraded seal and shaft.

    Get compression/ leak down tests on the cylinders.

    Have battery tested.

    Listen to the fuel pump when key turns on... If it's loud and sporadic, the contact points are fouling.

    Check the condition of the coolant and reservoir ( reservoir not too dark). Check condition of engine oil to be fairly clean and at upper level.

    Motor should fire up quickly at start. Listen to motor for smooth idle. Bike should NOT show blue or white smoke. Make sure no oily residue at exhaust end.

    35,000 miles is just beyond some important service intervals, these should be documented... Valve adjustment, WP, Fuel Pump, Clutch Slave, these will tell the seriousness of previous owner.

    If you buy from a dealer, consider a two or three year outside service warranty. It's well worth the peace of mind.

    If it has worn Pirelli Scorpion tires, buy a new front tire so you don't get the horrible head shake associated with it. I'd recommend a new set of Heidenau K60 Scouts.

    Find out if the SAS Cannisterectomy was done... and if done correctly. if not deal with it later.

    Check that both front and rear suspension adjusters are working and not froze up.

    Don't let outside pressures override your gut instincts... a simple return flight always trumps long term mechanical uncertainty.

    For a fly and ride... I'd buy a spare head and tail bulb just in case...

    Have a great helmet, but be prepared for the infamous wind buffeting.

    Have the shop take the time to do a "fit kit" for you (adjust the bar angle, levers, mirrors, before your long trip).

    Good luck!!!
  5. Vicks

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    35k miles for an '07 bike is not high mileage.

    - check if the fuel pump filters (round and sock - both) have been ever changed
    - check if the rebound adjuster on the rear shock works freely, they freeze up bcos of rust and expensive to get repaired.
    - fuel injection jerkiness can be alleviated with TuneECU
    - If you plan on riding off-road Or if the PO had done any off-road riding Or ever crashed the bike on its LHS, Check if a side stand relocator has been installed. Also check sidestand mounting point on the engine case (yes they mount it onto the engine case :cry) has not taken any hits/cracked
    - Check if the forks/shocks have ever been serviced (new oils, bushings etc) ? at this mileage they should be.
    - listen for cam chain niose after start up. it should go away after a few seconds of starting the engine.
    - ask if a water pump seal+shaft replacement/upgrade was done. Its better to do this every 20k kms
    - check rear axle chain adjusters have not frozen and been applied with anti-sieze
    - check freeplay (there should be none) of major bearing like steering head, front and rear wheels - do wheels spin freely ?

  6. JBS227

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    Jun 27, 2013

    Thanks for all the advice.
  7. DutchVDub

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    May 5, 2013
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    Dude, there is a 2012 Dakar edition 990 Adventure at Faye Myers in Denver, CO with only 5500 miles on it for 10K$. If that's too far out your price range I'll sell you my 950 Adventure for 5500$ and then go get that one for myself.
  8. gefr

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    Nov 26, 2005
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    No contacts on 990 fuel injected engines.