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    :nortonOK, when it comes to electronics I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but I think that Nolan has surpassed me. I recently purchased the n-com b1 for my Nolan 104 and followed the instructions carefully. However when I turn it on the Garmin GPS recognizes the connection and then the Nolan N-Com instantly shuts down.

    So I sent a note to Nolan and this is the answer I got back.

    Thank you for contacting us at CIMA.

    It may be part of the installation that is giving you a problem. There was a step left out of the manual that if not done may cause a unit to turn off and or not operate properly.

    Please check to see if this was done - and if you still have problems please call us at 630-701-1601 and ask for Joe as he may be able to assist you further.

    Now some great mind out there please tell me how I am supposed to know if I did what was left out of the manual? Or if anybody does know... what was left out.

    In the the meantime Nolan has reinforced my lack of faith in the human mind.

    Rant over.
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    Wow! They couldn't have sent a .pdf of the correct instructions or even a sentence or two in their reply?

    Ask them for the missing step and see what the reply is then.
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    You probably got a lemon and Nolan is trying to dodge the question. Did you connect everything as per their instructions? I have an older version, and have no difficult connecting it to an A2DP profile, which should be the same one that Garmin uses. Couple of things you could try:

    1) Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
    2) Try connecting your smart phone if you have one, and see whether you can hear music/make calls from it.