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    I originally made contact with Terry on GL1800Riders forum, he runs a company called Lets Ride Clyde . Terry creates overlay maps for Garmin GPS units. These overlays show up on the screen as highlighted roads which are color keyed to denote things like difficulty, surface and other attributes of the roads. All his overlays are geared to motorcycling. If you do not know an area his overlay will highlight the roads in that area that are scenic and just down right fun to ride. They are not routable, but your cursor will allow you to easily follow the highlighted road. He is also working on Self-Guided tours for the GPS with way points of interest and audio output along the tour. Terry has teamed up with and will be making an overlay and TourGuide for their 2013 Passport to NC program. Terry is located in SC and has ridden extensively in SC, NC, TN and KY. I had the pleasure of riding with Terry this past summer, he had created an overlay from the route I sent him to test with. We met in Western NC and for a couple days rode across NC and into DE, he is good people and a good riding companion.
    Garmin has introduced a new feature called Garmin Adventures, this new feature works with the newer version of BaseCamp, version 4.0.2 which is the latest. BaseCamp is a free download from Garmin and it is replacing MapSource. Anyone can create routes for others to follow and embed waypoints and photos into the BaseCamp file. This route can then be uploaded to the Garmin site, conversely you can go to the site and find a route in your area and download it directly into BaseCamp from the website. Terry has created and posted one of these routes, Cataloochee Cove Historic Adventure Ride This is a pass that runs between TN and NC.
    There is another site that is a good source of routes and rides, Terry has contributed here as well, Not all the postings are for motorcycles, covers hiking, bikes and cars as well. Terry’s posting is of White Oak Mtn-Skyuka Mtn in the Columbus NC area Definitely worth a look.
    Take look at all these sites and at Terry’s stuff, all are good source for places to ride.