South America and Beyond on Another Minimalist Adventure

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by JDowns, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. advrockrider

    advrockrider Been here awhile

    Jan 17, 2009
    Good to have you back! I was starting to think we were going to put a ride together to come and break you out so we could get a new RR!!!
  2. junkyardroad

    junkyardroad Been here awhile

    Jan 15, 2009
    JD it's good to see you back! It's going to be great to have your ride report to look forward to this winter.
  3. OnTheWay

    OnTheWay Long timer

    Mar 16, 2014
    Shenzhen, China
    Thanks for taking the time to put that together.It will be appreciated!!
  4. Dataman

    Dataman Been here awhile

    Jan 9, 2006
    Belton, TX
    Appreciate the time you devote to telling us about the places you visit, the people you meet and your observations about adventure travel. You have a wonderful ability to make us feel as if we are there with you.
  5. fabriktr

    fabriktr Build it if you can.

    Feb 13, 2012
    Hey John, glad to have you back on the trail. I enjoyed your previous RR of the south lands and now with popcorn and a soda I am ready for more. Ride safe Amigo.
  6. RamblingIrishHippie

    RamblingIrishHippie Been here awhile

    Sep 1, 2014
    Lovely jubbly!!! Jd's back!

    Great to hear you're back on the road again. Stumbled upon the rr earlier this year by sheer dumb luck and spent many a pleasurable hour getting caught up to date. Even when the trip stopped it was still entertaining.
    Was bummed out when you had the blip with the incident. Fucking thrilled that your resuming the adventure!

    3 months? Can't have been too easy(or pleasurable I'd imagine) but your certainly a tough aul' goat and not too much worse for wear after the fact.
    We make mistakes.we Deal with them and move on.

    You're an inspiration (and I sincerely mean it!) I always thought an extended trip would be out of my grasp but reading your rr proved how very wrong I was. It's totally doable, for that inspiration alone I can't thank you enough. Great pics, great writing, amazing adventure.

    If you ever come to the emerald Isle, there's bed and board at mine, anytime.

    Have a blast, stay safe, enjoy the roads less travelled.

    Slainte, Sean.

    (I'm so fuckin subscribed to this...)
  7. RayAlazzurra

    RayAlazzurra Stuck in the Eighties

    Sep 6, 2006
    Florence, KY, USA
    Great news! Tio Juan will be back one road with the mighty green Sherpa just when I am getting ready to park the bikes for winter. I'm looking forward to more insights about ancient stone work. Perhaps first a Sherpa carb cleaning tutorial since it has been parked a while. Whatever happens next we will all be waiting for each day's news and supporting John however we can.
  8. notsofasteddie

    notsofasteddie Semi Slow Rider

    Aug 8, 2009
    Far North (of Arizona)
    Yo, John - good to see things are coming together for your trip south! Looking forward to your adventures this winter.

    Congrats on the smoking. You've done the sober thing before and know what that's like and what that takes. I know people that have quit drinking without much problem but can't kick cigarettes. I quit smoking a couple of years after I quit drinking, but it took a heart attack and some very stern nurses in the cardiac ward to convince me that smoking shouldn't be part of my cardiac rehab program...

    Let me know if you end up coming through Northern AZ at some point - the offer for buying you a dinner or two doesn't have an expiration date.

    Page, AZ
  9. MufflerBearings

    MufflerBearings Been here awhile

    Jun 1, 2012
    Ciudad Catedral
    :clapHot damn! We've all been waiting for this. If I can't get my own procrastinating excuse-making carcass out the door to ride in exotic locations, watching JDowns do it is the next-best thing. Buen Viaje John!
  10. hakes

    hakes Adventurer

    Nov 15, 2012
    Cadott, WI
    Glad to see your back at it john. Wisconsin is about to turn white.
  11. caliform

    caliform Been here awhile

    Apr 17, 2014
    San Francisco
    Sweet, another JDowns report! I'm in.
  12. vannyboy

    vannyboy Adventurer

    Dec 2, 2007
    Oracle az
    glad to see that you'll be back on the road, enjoyed following your SA posts. if you pass through oracle az it would be a pleasure to meet you, there's an empty guest house and a place at the table i'd be glad to offer you
  13. JDowns

    JDowns Sounds good, let's go!

    Mar 31, 2005
    Bassett, NE
    Thanks so much for all the kind words you guys! I really appreciate it. It’s like a Ride Report Reunion with so many familiar names chiming in.

    I really enjoy posting these ride reports. The good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll see it all here right as it happens. Better than reality TV in my opinion.

    My main desire is to inspire others to take the plunge and head out on the road. Back in the previous century before the internet it was all word of mouth. Mostly BMW and Goldwing long distance riders who gave me tips and ideas and made me see that life is short and you need to just get on a decent bike, twist your right wrist and go!!!!!! Hardly anybody was riding motorcycles long distance back then. With the advent of the internet and especially sites like ADVrider it is so much easier to see the possibilities and realize that traveling the world is maybe something you can do as well.

    You don’t need a fancy bike. My first trips were on beater hondas from the 70’s. A reliable bike is an asset, sure. But some of my fondest travel memories are of when my bike broke down and I met really nice people. Everything always works out. A pickup is always available somewhere to lift your bike into and drive you to a mechanic in the next town. Or if you have a little bike you can push it down the road to the next village when the electics cut out in the pouring rain at night in the Colombian mountains.

    You don’t need to go to Timbuktu to have fun. There are plenty of places to see right around where you live. I grew up in Oregon and half the people in that state have never ridden the Steens Mountain loop or been to the Eagle Cap Wilderness or Hat Point in Hell’s Canyon. Or seen the Painted Hills. There are so many cool back roads in that state that I first discovered on a bike. Not to mention the roads of Northern California and my favorite province of British Columbia that were just a day’s ride away.

    You don’t need a lot of money. Sure it’s nice to be living large with a wad of cash, but it’s possible to travel for less. The beauty of travel these days is the internet allows you to find low cost or free accomadation if your budget is small. Whether it is fellow ADVriders on the tentspace list, or couch-surfing, or or, there are so many ways we have to save these days. You no longer have to stay in hotels and motels in first world countries.

    You don’t need a big bike and a lot of expensive gear to have fun. With and the flea market here on ADVrider you can find a good riding jacket, pants, helmet and basic camping gear for a fraction of new prices. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against folks who spend money like drunken sailors on all the latest cool toys. I am just here to show you that a minimalist low budget option with used gear and a small bike is possible if you are financially challenged like me.

    When you get home and show people pictures of your travels, normals don’t ask you which bike you rode. Well okay, regular folks don’t show much interest in someone who rides a small motorcycle in a 3rd world country. Most of them have been so brainwashed from reading newspapers and watching the news on TV that they are convinced that travel to a foreign country is tantamount to a death sentence.

    I am here to dispel those ideas that discourage so many potential world travelers before they even get started. Probably why so few people in the U.S. have passports.

    So I am here to show by example through pictures and stories how wonderful and interesting the world is. If an old fart like me can ride a girls bike to South America and beyond and meet interesting people and see unbelievable places, maybe it’s something you can do as well.

    Although of course, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out on the couch reading ride reports. You’d be surprised how much useful information you can pick up by osmosis on ADVrider.
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  14. BikerBobber

    BikerBobber Trying to get lost

    Feb 28, 2011
    Seeleys Bay, Ontario
    I'm pulling up a chair, dimming the lights and waiting for the action....

    And when that's over I'm gonna read this RR!


    Sent from my mobile
  15. Eagletalon

    Eagletalon Been here awhile

    Jun 12, 2011
    Apopka, FL
    Juanito Caminante thanks for getting this next adventure on the interwebs for all of us to enjoy! Thanks for your dedication to us couch potatoes!

  16. Sunday Rider

    Sunday Rider Adventurer Wanabe

    Jan 31, 2010
    North of T.Ho., Ontario
    So glad to see you rolling (or soon to be) again and continuing the adventure. You sound even more positive than before the ordeal. Love your outlook on life! Safe travels JD.
  17. RayAlazzurra

    RayAlazzurra Stuck in the Eighties

    Sep 6, 2006
    Florence, KY, USA
    The Gospel of John D.

    (actually it is more like the wisdom of Solomon)

    1. Wise is the man who learneth a foreign language for his ability to communicate is worth more than all of the titanium pipes in the world.

    2. One good friend is worth more than an upside down fork--especially if the friend has the skill to graft the front end of a Suzuki onto a broken Kawasaki.

    3. The man who saves a couple of thousand in the bank has wealth, while the man who has house payment and car payment has only illusions and wishes.

    4. Tis better for a man to be highly skilled and independent than to be the king of his cubicle even if his hands may be calloused.

    I really have had a lot of inspiration from these threads, so I decided to ride the Sherpa to work in honor of the great trip's resumption. The Sherpa would not start and I had to ride the 900SS.
    First world problem.

    5. It is shameful for a man to let his bike sit until his battery goes bad, and more shameful still for him to pluggeth it not into the battery tender.

    In my defense I did exercise the Sherpa a few months ago by riding it around Idaho. (The abandoned Milwaukee railroad, Spiral Hwy, Hell's Canyon, Kleinschmidt Grade, etc.) A woman at a gas station saw my Missouri plate and asked if I had traveled all that way on my little bike. I admitted that I had cheated by bringing the bike west on a trailer. I then informed her that I knew of a fellow who rode a little bike like mine to a dentist in Panama. This failed to impress her since she did not know where Panama was.

    I just wanted anyone who is new to these threads by JD to know how much good stuff is in the old threads. They are worth going back and reading for those who have not had the pleasure.
  18. Rhode trip

    Rhode trip guided by voices

    Jun 11, 2008
    Coventry, RI
    :thumb Lookin' forward to the ride, amigo!
  19. Animal Instinct

    Animal Instinct Long timer

    Jan 2, 2013
    Wichita Falls, TX
    .....and the Adventure finally resumes. :clap

    T minus 7 days and counting. I bet the Sherpa fires right up. :ricky

    Safe travels, John.

    Your ADV extended family,

    Scott & Lois
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  20. juno

    juno Long timer

    Oct 22, 2014
    It is great to see you back on the road! I cannot think of a better use for social security! Every time I see that deduction I will be thinking of you enjoying it to the max.
    My turn is coming!!!
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