Southern Maryland Adventure Riders --Pine Barrens Adventure Camp

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    We rallied the horses and our day began with a quick lesson on getting through sand followed by a “rules of the road” rider briefing. As most of us had checked out of the hotel, we dropped the luggage. We had loaded the GPS' with 3 files of +/- 90 miles of blueberries, cranberry bogs, sand traps and fun. However, we ultimately didn’t need it as there were 15 students, 2 instructors, 2 catch-riders and Jack following with the truck trailer.

    While there were certainly dusty sections of track, I did find some relief from it by altering speed/distance from other riders. With that many riders, we were bound to spread out. Way out. So, we did the Michigan trail rule. The 2nd rider of the pack stops at a turn until the last catch rider appears. He then joins the back of the pack. This continues to cycle through all rider in a day. The nice part about this is the fast guys end up having to pick up turtled bikes too, instead of just the same few people. The bad part is it tends to upset the natural order of flow, since the rate of the pack now depends on the slowest bike.

    The instructors rode all day through the pack, but one on formal lesson for the day. We stopped to admire the Cedar Alley and learned a bit about the horticulture of the Pine Barrens. It did strike me odd that there were cedar trees among all the pines. Apparently, a decent chunk of the cedars were destroyed in early 1800s for the boat making trade. We also learned that even wet pine needles can be stuffed in your shirt to keep you warm (in the event you are stranded overnight). Basically, the same principle with newspapers for a hobo.