Southern VT for Thanksgiving

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  1. narunas

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    Sep 1, 2010
    I took myself, my 11 yr old and hit the road from Brooklyn NY to Southern VT, Brattleboro/Marlboro area for a week-end. With a KTM EXC-R 530 for me and a KLX 140L for him. Starting to upload some videos done with a Countour HD helmet cam and reduced for youtube viewing.

    To be perfectly honest - the lill' one only rode for a bit on semi-public roads, we had permits for the Pisqah State Park trails in NH - never made it - it snowed that day...

    The area is covered with some great dirt roads that are very scenic - a better trip for the Columbus day than Thanksgiving - still very picturesque. I am a new dirt rider, having ridden city streets for most of my riding life - so I am not ripping it all up with full wide open throttle. It was tricky surface - from wet asphalt to soft wet clay, icy sheen and frozen ruts.

    this is the first clip - highlights are the fact that I finally learned how to kick start the beast and I pick at the mysteriously disemboweled side stand - thank god for the stock rubber loop.

    more to come as I edit.
    warning - could produce sleepiness and boredom.
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    Aug 16, 2002
    The video is difficult to view.. on my screen it keeps breaking up..

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    Clearwater, FL USA
    nice video
    beautiful area of the country
    the video didn't "break up" for me, for some reason
    thanks for sharing it with us
  4. narunas

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Thanks - will upload some more videos - weather changed pretty quick so country changed as well.