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    Looking for some advice here guys. On Monday morning I ordered tires from and received a conformation notice via email but cannot not get a hold of them to find out shipping expectancy. They don't answer any of their phone calls or emails which sounds like there is absolutely no customer service. I have ordered there before but found out they were out of stock 2 days later while they were in stock when I ordered as per the website. They called to inform me and I cancelled because I wanted that particular tire. Not long after I was going w/ stock tires and was never able to get a hold of anyone to make sure the site was correct in saying they were in stock when I ordered. I did get shipping confirmation though which was quite helpful. But now I am getting neither. I'm all for getting tire on the cheap but I need customer service and/or someone accessible the answer questions. This is fucked really because you can't even refund if you need to now or at least I can't as the transaction has already went through. Bottom line I'm never ordering from them again. Feels too shady and I seem to have no recourse here. Can someone please advise before I become confrontational and say/do something stupid

    I am here:,-122.390868
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    Good luck!
    Hope they get back to you with good news SOON.
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    I am sitting in front of my computer on Friday, one week after ordering a set of tires online from Southwest Moto Tires. Their site indicated that they were in stock. After numerous emails I have yet to get a tracking number or confirmation that they have shipped. They did away with their phone so there is no way to contact them except by email.
    I received an order confirmation last Friday and emailed on Monday to see what the status was. I got an email saying that the order was "complete". I asked for a tracking number as their website has a tracking feature, but only with a number. On Wednesday I got a reply from the owner Erik saying that he had been out of the office and that the order would ship on Thursday (6 days after the order) and I would get a tracking number. Apparently everything stops when he is not there. My credit card has been charged but I still do not know if they actually shipped it. Today is 7days and I have no idea if they did ship or not and when I am getting the tires. I have emailed twice today with no response.

    I would cancel the order but maybe the tires on on the way. Who knows!!

    I cannot see how these people stay in business with such poor service. Spread the word.
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    We would love to have your business. Give us a try.

    Click the banner in the center to order tires.

    Hope it helps.
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    This lack of communication (on the part of SW) is killing me. I have a limited number of days to ride to Central America from California and I am waiting on THEM. I wish I knew when my tire and battery are expected to arrive. I used them a while back and didn't experience any difficulties, but this time around I am questioning my decision to go with them.
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    There's been a change of ownership over the last 2 years I think. Used to be super quick and super reliable, just poor customer service. Not it seems they're just poor all around.
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    I belive that it has changed to or something like that.
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    No, emoto (also is run by iron horse bmw or some sort of affiliation with them. swmototires is run by some other jackass who took a well respected business and ran into the ground after buying it. Why anyone continues to use them as a source of tires is beyond me.
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    One more very unhappy SWMOTOTIRES customer.

    That used to be a good vendor but now under the current management they should be avoided if at all possible!

    My latest experience is same other's above. Buy tires from them that are marked "In Stock", get an order update "Complete" but tires just don't get shipped. Over a week from when my order was "Completed" and no tires, no tracking number, just a promise from days ago that "they will ship tomorrow".

    Yeah, we all know what tomorrow means, it's always the next day.

    SWMOTOTIRES :dizave

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    Limited tire availability, No more free shipping to my place and prices have gone up.

    Good bye, I know I am just a 1 or 2 set of tires per year customer, and you will not miss me. But to be honest, I miss who SWMOTO used to be.
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    Last week I ordered a pair of tires which the website said where available, next day I get the order confirmation email but it says the tires are now on "Back Order". Now I see they have hit my credit card for the full amount!! I call their phone and get voice mail, sent an email and no answer!! WTF?

    There was a time when tires would be here next day, now I'm wondering if I should call my bank and cancel payment.