Southwestern Wisconsin

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Did this loop Sat evening plus a few more alphabet roads east of gov.Dodge state park.
    65 miles of fun. I stayed overnight at the Pine Ridge motel in Dodgeville and bought a Southwestern Wi. road map from the local Kwik-trip and came up with my own loop for Sunday. It was about 160 miles and stayed north of 18 south of the wi.river just a bit east of Dodgeville to hwy 61 at Fennville.
    Starting in Dodgeville north on 23 to Miltary ridge rd. west to Q,II,I,PP,P,I,80,Q,G,M,T,61. Breakfast @Fredricks family Fennville.Then east on 18 to Q,G,Q,Spring vally rd, Bowers rd,G,
    Snow bottom rd,I,80,Q,M,130,23,ZZ,Z,T,H,Y,YZ,back to the room.
    This little loop is a hoot and can be done in 1/2 a day.
    You will need a detailed map to figure out the direction but thats some of the fun.Some of the roads were freshly tarred and graveled but were almost packed in and as good as pavement though lose gravel kept me cautious. Combine roads or delete to suit your appetite for adventure. I had a Cycoactive map holder zip tied between the mirror stems so the map was readable on the run and a Garmin zumo 550 to aid the fun Happy motoring l8r bb [​IMG]
    Lost my Dad last week and this was my way of clearing my mind Godspeed dad