Sports Hernia ?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bwanacswan, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Jul 30, 2006
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    Didn't quite know where to put this thread but figured that at least some of you are athletic.

    Diagnosed today with an iguinal hernia aka sports hernia, any of you dealt with this and what were your limitations?

    Not having surgery for about a month and have been sidelined with what was thought to be a hip flexor for past 6 weeks.

    I am used to working out 2 hours a day and now I can't lift any real weight, not supposed to run and anything that requires a burst can lead to real problems.

    This sucks bad. So much for being prepared for running and triathlon season.


  2. RogueClimber

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    Sep 30, 2008
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    I had dual Inguinal Hernia surgery a few years back. I remember doing my research prior to the surgery and it said something along the lines of return to normal activity in one week. Right, if normal is eating potato chips and watching Nascar. It took quite a bit longer for me to get back biking and climbing.

    Have a comfy chair to sleep in. Sitting up from a lying position sucked.
  3. OuttaMyWay

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    Well, I must be one of them "athletes." Going in next month for the consultation. Meanwhile, when it pops out, I pop it back in again. Losing a little weight has helped a lot.
  4. wxwax

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    I had a double. One I knew about, the other I didn't know was there. By the end, even standing was uncomfortable as the one I knew about kept popping out.

    I had the full surgery, not laparoscopic. Took me maybe a month to feel normal again. It took one full week after the surgery before I had the energy to go back to work, and half a week of work before I wasn't completely drained by the end of the day.

    I apparently had scar tissue in the area of the surgery, as I'd sometimes feel a sharp pain there. Eventually I saw a physical therapist who stretched it out.
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    Never had a hernia, but did tear my patellar tendon a couple of years ago. I had to wear a straight, immobile leg brace for 8 weeks. I wasn't training for a triathlon, but was a regular on the stationary bike and treadmill. The only exercise I could do was swim with my legs supported by a small dumbbell buoy. From what it sounds like, that might be something for you to consider. You'll be amazed at how much more effort swimming w/o your legs is. I wouldn't think it would stress the hernia as long as you don't do aggressive flip turns or try to do butterfly. Sucks to be immobilized, but even worse if you exacerbate the problem by overdoing it.
    Good luck with the surgery...:thumb