Sprint ST across USA

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  1. morvegil

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    Jul 8, 2010
    So for months I've been wanting a Sprint ST. I actually found one via Craigslist and it was also listed here. Was a cracking deal on a WELL maintained 2008. Well i worked with the guy over the phone and booked my Ticket from Houston to Louisville, KY.

    Met the guy, really cool cat. About 2 hours later I was on the road to visit my sister in St. Louis.

    The bike had me grinning the whole time!

    So made it to STL at night, then woke up to see my sisters in-laws i haven't seen in 20 years! What a extra treat! So i hung out got to see the family then decided to head out to Houston. I stopped in Memphis for some ribs for lunch then headed through AK. What a boring drive but met lots of people going "what the hell your crazy man".

    So finally I spent the night in some roach motel in Texarkana.

    The next morning to houston, 250 miles was AWESOME> Sunny and cool, lots of rolling hills and pines.

    So finally arrived Houston 1030 Sunday Morning. What a treat!
  2. BuddingGeezer

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    Aug 17, 2009
    Benton, AR

    Man that was some detour. Memphis to Alaska to Houston.:D

    AK is Alaska, AR is Arkansas
  3. arkansawyer

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    Feb 9, 2008
    Hot Springs
    Boring ride through Arkansas? Most of our roads don't have the dreaded I designation. You should try some of them next time.
    There's an old 955 sprint in my shed. It knows the way to the good roads.
  4. achesley

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    Tis just not right for a motorcycle to cross Arkansas on I roads. Just not right! :lol3