Stagecoach Cafe, Stockton, AL 2008

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    Does anyone know if this annual new year's RTE is still going on? If so, will it be the last Saturday of 2008 or the first of 2009? I haven't been in a few years.
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    It is usually held on New Year's Eve Day - December 31st. Last year, that fell on a Monday and the Stagecoach cafe is closed on Mondays so it was moved to Sunday.

    This year, the 31st falls on a Wednesday so I would expect it to be on that day...
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    From the MTF Forum as posted by John Harrison:

    Stagecoach XII is set for Saturday, December 27th at the Stagecoach Café in Stockton, Alabama around lunch time.

    Y'all are invited to ride down to lower Alabama and enjoy some tire kicking, tall tales, and good southern cooking provided by the friendly staff at the Stagecoach Café. There is no fee for the event, but you will need to pay for your meal and reward the friendly wait staff for their hard work.

    Along with the socializing, we will have four awards that will be presented to riders. The awards will be presented around 12:30 and you must be present to claim it.

    We want to encourage long distance motorcycle riding, so there will be an award plaque for the rider that rides the longest distance on a motorcycle to the event. This is the mileage that you have ridden on the way to the Stagecoach Café since you left home. If the mileage that you claim is sorta hard to believe, be prepared to back it up with IBA type receipts.

    Note: The amazing Mr. Doug Graves has ridden to south Alabama from Washington state in the great NorthWet to claim this award (and participate in the tire kicking, tall tales, and good southern cooking) on a number of occasions, so if he is planning to attend this year, the rest of y'all will have your work cut out for you.

    We want to encourage folks to keep riding motorcycles, so there will be a plaque for the oldest rider that RIDES a MOTORCYCLE to the event.

    Note: Folks on trikes are most welcome to attend, but they are not eligible for this award.

    We want to encourage keeping old bikes running and on the road, so there will be a plaque for the oldest bike RIDDEN to the event. There have been some great old bikes win this award in the past.

    Note: riding to the event does not include trailering to the lot across the street, unloading, and riding in to the parking lot. Just saying...

    We want to encourage new riders to learn to enjoy two wheeled adventures, so there will be a plaque for the youngest rider to RIDE to the event.

    NOTE: passengers are NOT eligible to win this plaque ... because we know some of y'all are sorta competitive and we don't want to see anyone strapping a newborn baby seat on their luggage rack.

    There is no website this year, so please pass the word and let your local riding groups know about it. Folks will be arriving during the morning and the parking lot is usually empty by 2:00 PM. The food is good, the folks are friendly, and the weather can be sorta iffy. Some years it has been really cold, some years it has been warm, but either way we hope to see y'all there.

    John Harrison
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    Well good, I'm in. Now to decide whether to make the trip on my battle scooter or wuss out and take the BMW. I have a month to figure it out. For anyone who can't get there in half a day, there are a couple of motels in nearby Bay Minette where you can hole up the night before. Some years it has been more like thaw out rather than hole up. I've seen it from the mid-twenties to the mid-seventies. Usually, at least, it doesn't rain.
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    </td></tr> <tr><td class="msgtxt">I believe a fine time was had by ALL! :clap

    That's in Caps because ALL was a very
    large number. I expect someone will come back with an official number
    soon but when I arrived at 10AM Alabama Time (a little slower than the rest of the world) the parking lot was rapidly
    filling and the tide was coming in. There was a pretty constant flow of
    bikes arriving till about 1PM when engines were fired and the exodus began.
    The buffet line stretched out the door for over two hours and the serving
    staff and kitchen at The Stagecoach Cafe did a fine job of seeing that
    everyone got their fill of fried chicken and pork chops, greens, veggies,
    salads, and deserts. Sweet tea (is there any other kind) flowed freely.
    Back in the lot there were two and three wheeled bikes of various makes and
    colors. The Wing community was well represented with YELLOW bikes in
    abundance, including one trike with matching trailer. The oldest bike was
    the 1970 Moto Guzzi Colorado, Oldest rider was "87", farthest rider was
    something over 350 miles and I'm not sure who the youngest rider was. There
    were a lot of Harleys with most sporting Alabama and Florida tags, several
    of the BIG DOGS from both the IBA and MTF, and a lot of folks who were scratching their heads in amazement that so many riders would converge on
    this little corner of Lower Alabama ("LA" for those of you who are not
    Southerners) for lunch and then head back home. To be fair, I did hear that
    several were headed out to Arizona and points West after lunch.
    This was my first Stagecoach RTE though I have read of it for several years.
    It was BIG, it was FUN, and I got to put faces to names with several I only
    knew of from the forums. For those of you who were there I trust you all
    made it safely home, for those who weren't, I trust to see you in coming
    years either at Stagecoach, or somewhere else along the road we travel. I
    have parked pictures I took at
    Jack Ferguson
    Ellenwood, GA
    COG #6879 NGA-AAD AMA #534935 IBA #26633 CDA#0155

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    It was very nice to see ADV bikes in lower Alabama. Good showing of all types of folks.