Starter and starter relay checks on 1982 R100RS

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    Starter and starter relay checks
    I have been battling some time with the starter problem. Up front I must say that I have searched all over and haven’t come across this particular problem and it’s checks. Oh the other thing is I am absolutely useless with electrics, so please go gently on me and any expiations.
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    The setup is that the bike started just fine for a while, then after a while the starter started to become noisy and noisier each time I started the bike and almost as if the it was just wanting to start dragging like the battery is flat. So I striped off the tank and cove only to find that the starter wasn’t tighten properly, in fact one of the nuts was completely off, lucky I didn’t lose it.
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    After tightening up the starter I tried it only to find that the starter dragged even more as it the battery was flat or just wasn’t getting enough current yet the battery was fully charged. So I removed the starter striped, checked and cleaned it and replaced it. Result still the same.
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    I have now taken the starter off again and taken it to be checked by auto electrician and no fault can be found it rums fine and strong. So this is where I am ant now, just not sure where and what to check. My thinking is it could be the relay, but not sure it I was to replace the relay that it would solve the problem.
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    I have done what I would call a voltage drop test between the battery earth and the starter positive before and after cranking the motor and the drop has not been more the 2,5 volts.
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    What other tests can I do? Any ideas? Thanks.