Starting/Running Issues 2010 TE 250

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    A buddy of mine picked up a 2010 TE 250 early this fall and has had nothing but problems keeping the bike running. Soon after acquiring the bike if began to occasionally fail to start. When you turned on the key switch sometimes the fuel pump would spin up, some times it would not. They bought a new Shorai battery and everything seemed fine....for a while. Sometimes it would start and run for a while, sputter and die, then refuse to start. Again sometimes the fuel pump would spin up, sometimes not.

    They then decided the problem might be the temp sensor so they bought one and sure enough if fired right up and ran fine for about an hour. Then began to exhibit the same symptoms. Bought yet another temp sensor, this time it had no effect. They have pulled the fuel pump and tested it with a 12V source. It seems to work properly when energized. These symptoms occur on both the kicker and the magic button.

    He was able (somehow) to drift start it the other day, and it ran just fine for about a mile before it once again sputtered to death and refused to restart.

    I know next to nothing about modern FI X-Lite Huskys. Can someone please point me in the right direction here?