Starting SE after tip over...

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    Thin air
    I have been lucky enough to stay on two (or one) wheel until last weekend. It took considerable cranking to get her fired after a 2-3 minute left side nap. In the heat of the moment I could not remember the best procedure, I read somewhere about a drain hose with a knurled cap...maybe for the airbox? Any tips ? Thanks in advance..
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    Click her into neutral,

    Pull your throttle wide open,

    Hold it open then hit the starter and hold

    This will give it the gullet of air it needs to balance the air fuel ratio, it will fire, cough, fumble and blow out lots of unburnt money out of the exhaust.

    Once fired and doing this back her off to run like normal, maybe a couple of pulls on the throttle to clear her out and you will be good to go, you don't need to faff with fuel taps etc UNLESS she has been upside down etc and in that case I would be looking more at the oil level.

    Hope this helps

    Cheers Andi
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    What you're thinking of is the carbon canister drain plug...

    So, first question is, has the smog stuff been removed? Look in the HOW under "canisterectomy" also "flapendectomy" although on the SE I'm not sure the flapendectomy gets done like on the Adventure model.

    Fuel floods the canister and prevents the engine from starting quickly.

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    Were you in a race? The easiest solution is to take a 2 minute break. It will fire right up afterwards. It is good for all your fluids including your bile. :D
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    What is the best thing to do to prevent needing this procedure?

    So how can one keep the carbs from flooding in case of a tip over?

    In case:
    1a) Tip over, engine still running, gear engaged. Bike on left side: shift lever not accessible.
    1b) Tip over, engine still running, gear engaged. Bike on right side: shift lever accessible.
    2) Tip over, engine not running.

    Is it better to keep the engine running, so fuel is burned? (but fuel is also still pumped...)
    Is it better to switch of the engine with the key instead of the ignition switch? (I assume the key interrupts also the fuel pump and the ignition switch doesn't)
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    If you can't get bike upright in say, 10-15 seconds, turn ignition off. Faster you turn it off, less problems you will have starting it afterwards. But I never have had major problems starting bike again, just use "throttle fully open" advice given earlier in this thread and don't worry too much. No needs for developing scenarios 1a, 1b, 2d, ...and so on :wink:
    Btw, if bike is on gear and engine running - just lift it up, if you can't pull clutch in, engine will just stall when rear wheel gets enough traction, don't worry about that.