Stealth Camping 101

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    Feb 13, 2016

    Stealth camping on a golf course....what a concept :D
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    Nov 29, 2015

    This week & last week, not wanting to be among civilization, I went to live in this Primordial forest in the western peaks, above the clouds under the night sky, with only the sound of the wild animals in the night, twigs breaking and crunching underfoot, but no people were nearby for several miles about. It takes about 90 minutes, to ride from Las Palmas to my camp. I strapped several days of bananas on the bike, among other supplies.

    After rising into the mountains, the forest was about 30 minutes from the nearest village - Tejeda - a beautiful, picturesque, quiet little place, that I also stayed, with a gas station, one or two little restaurants overlooking the rocks, where about 10 people were going about their life.

    After the long winding ride into the peaks, I rode my bike off the track, into the forest to hide it behind a tree, trying to avoid the huge pine cones scattered everywhere, not wanting to crush them. I then laid a dead fallen branch infront of the headlight and front wheel to camouflage from trekkers, but I saw no one. You would have had to trek down a slope 5 minutes to find my bike, not visible from the path. My tent was deep in the forest away from the bike out of site. It was a forest that looked untouched for 1000 years, with strange blue moss type growths dangling and hanging from the branches. I gathered some of the carpet of dry pine needles to make a mattress under the tent.

    Ocassionally the clouds are on your same level and the cloud comes toward you while in the forest, and you are surrounded by a refreshing mist. I saw no people, the entire week. Being above the clouds, the sun prevails throughout the day, and even at the altitude, the temperature remained around 30 degrees C during the day. I spent my time, climbing among the rocks, exploring the forest. Reading, & occasionally left on the motorbike for a blast around the mountains, leaving my tent and gear in the forest, which I have to say have some wonderful winding roads that hardly anybody uses - lots of fun. I was like a solitary bird on the rooftop. With Ghillie kettle in the night for a brew & the night sky stars on full display, it was very pleasant.



    Next week, im considering climbing accross to this peak in the middle, and setting up my tent on that plateau which overlooks the ocean. The peak in the distance is Teide, the volcano on Tenerife.
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    Jesus! You finally replaced your camera! This makes me wanna reconsider my "I can't make it to Tenerife" thing... my envy is great right now.
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    I've been to home depot and Lowe's and around me they all lock the sheds at night.

    What about camping under bridges on rural highways? Anyone do this or is it a bad idea?
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    This was my spot last night- in a park by a small lake near Nashua Montana. Park closed at 10 but nobody checked. Tonight I'm legit in a small town park in North Dakota

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