Sth East Queensland after the Storms

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    Some mates of mine and myself went out last weekend around the Mt Langley/Jimna Range area after the recent storms.
    We were stopped every few hundred metres by downed trees, most of which were able to be moved with a little effort.

    Some totally washed out creeks, and greasy conditions added to the fun of the day.
    One tree in particular, required a team effort to get UNDER, after some lumberjack work with the trusty Leatherman saw attachment to remove the lower Strangler Fig branches we were able to get all 4 bikes ( 2 x DR 650's, KLR 650 & Tenere 660 ) under the tree and on our way.
    You can see it on Youtube

    It was a long day, with low mileage, due to the fallen trees, but heaps of fun, and lots of laughs.
    We belong to the Adventure Riders Sunshine Coast, and get out into the bush whenever we can, some of the places we take our bikes, you could almost need a trail bike instead, we are not the cafe latte set, thats for sure.

    I enjoy the forums, keep the posts coming.

    regards to all,